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Phi-Ten Titanium Elbow Support

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Energy Elbow Support
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Titanium Elbow Support Black

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Product Description

Our specially designed ankle support features Aqua-Titanium™ for increased effectiveness over standard supports. Zones of Micro-Titanium Sphere print on the inside helps to ease the tension and pain in sore ankles.

Click on icons under the default picture for measurements. The Ankle Supports are available in medium and large and are designed to fit shoe sizes 5.5 - 7.5 and 7.5 - 9.5 respectively.

The ENERGY TRASNPORT SYSTEM present in all Phiten products stabilizes the body?s energy flow.

This Phild effect is the basis for the Energy Transport System. The Phild Processed material regulates the body's energy flow by stablizing ions. Injury, fatigue, and low oxygen levels hurt the efficiency of your cells, disrupting the normal flow of energy in your system. This increases the tension and fatigue in your body as it tries to compensate for the lost energy. Phiten products stabilize the energy, permitting a greater flow of energy with less waste. Fatigue sets in later and recovery time is shortened.

This product is made with these ETS-present materials:

Aqua-Titanium is permeated into fabric just like dye; each strand becomes permanently embedded with Titanium nano-particles. In nature, titanium is not a soluble material. However, by utilizing the high-intensity Phild Process, Phiten scientists are able to dissolve titanium in water. This creates Aqua-Titanium, which then can be absorbed into material just like a dye. The Aqua-Titanium becomes part of the fabric and can not be washed out or fade away. Aqua-Titanium most prominently used in our necklaces and apparel, where the entire fabric is permeated with Aqua-Titanium and emits energy that effectively controls your bio-electric current.

Micro-Titanium Spheres are perfectly spherical, miniscule beads. These are mixed into compounds and then printed or layered directly on to the material. Miniscule beads of titanium are created using the Phild Process. These perfectly spherical beads can then mixed into a compound to be printed or layered directly onto material to target specific areas of the body with concentrated effectiveness.

In Body Supports:

The inside of Phiten?s body supports are printed with Micro-Titanium Sphere print zones. The hexagonal patterns you see are actually a Micro-Titanium Sphere compound, printed onto the fabric to target specific areas with concentrated effectiveness. In certain products (like the Aqua-Titanium Insole) Aqua-Silver is used as well for its anti-bacterial and odor-reducing properties.


Phiten products are worn by elite athletes all over the world. For the past several years the number of world class athletes seen with Phiten gear has steadily increased. We are proud to introduce new products in our lineup to continue the Phiten philosophy of health, energy, and well-being. Anyone can benefit from wearing our products to help aid in counteracting the stress and fatigue of everyday life.

Each of our Pro-Staff athletes has seen the benefits of our technology and wear our products every time they go to work. Phiten products work with your body?s energy system, helping to regulate and balance the flow of energy throughout your body. Proper energy balance helps to alleviate discomfort, speed recovery, and counteract fatigue. Athletes find that they tire less easily and recover faster from intense physical activity. Further benefits of Phiten?s exclusive technology are more relaxed muscles leading to less stress and a greater range of motion that can be of great benefit to an athlete or anyone in any walk of life. At Phiten we are proud of our products and proud to increase the health and well being of the people that believe in our products.



Phiten Technology is based around the different applications of our high-intensity Phild Process. Titanium has been found by our scientists to be particularly responsive to the Phild Process; meaning, it is consistently effective in emitting, or "passing on" the stabilizing effect of the Phild Process.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Phi-Ten
Product Type Apparel

At Phiten, we focus our energy on developing products that allow you to be your best. Our founder Yoshihiro Hirata got his start trying to help a friend suffering from chronic pain, and today, after extensive research and development, we continue to help people enhance their quality of life all around the globe, building on the Phiten philosophy of health, energy and well-being. As the makers of the original "titanium necklace," we combine our innovative technology with an athletic design sense to add energy and style to whatever you're doing.

Phiten USA, Inc.
980 Knox Street
Torrance, CA 90502

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