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Terms & Conditions


This section describes the policies and procedure for ordering at Nature's Alternatives. There are now several ways you can find what you are seeking. The navigation menu at the top of the page has been greatly expanded to offer a wider selection of items along with greater detail. Try it. Just select a menu category at the top. If the category you select has more specific detailed selections available, a drop-down box will appear with those detailed categories. You can also search using the search box at the top of the page or use the "Advanced Search" link at the bottom of the page to perform a more detailed search.

You may also used the layered navigation on the left side of each page to filter the parameters from which you wish to select the item you seek. For example, if you search for the herb "ginseng," a selection of products will appear. From this selection, you can narrow your search using the layered navigation menu by selecting "price range," "manufacturer," "product type," (capsule, liquid, etc.), or "herbal extract base" (alcohol or alcohol-free).

Click to Buy button To order individual items, simply click on the "Add To Cart" graphic to make your purchase or follow any one of the other options available on those pages.
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    You can place your order using a credit card number online, via fax or by telephone. If you prefer to order using a credit card via fax, please print and use our Credit Card Fax Order Form. All credit card transactions will appears as charges assessed by Nature's Alternatives on your monthly credit card statement. The shopping cart is secure and uses 2048-key SSL encryption provided by GlobalSign.

    Address Verification - At times, we may need to perform extra due diligence to verify addresses for credit card verification for the security of the cardholder and for our security against fraud. This is especially common when we receive large orders that request delivery to alternate addresses; email addresses or names do not correspond to the credit cardholder's name; phone numbers that do not correspond to the billing address; IP addresses that do not correspond to the billing address; large quantities of items are ordered; or, larger financial transactions occur. If verification is deemed necessary, you will be given instructions to fill such request. You agree to perform such verification if requested allowing us to provide necessary protections.

    You can place your order online by selecting Money Order as your method of payment in the online shopping cart. If you choose this method of payment, you will need to print the order confirmation you receive via email to use as your invoice for payment, and mail a Money Order from the United States Postal Service or an International Postal Money Order ONLY, which you must obtain from your local post office. No other money order will be selected. Money orders from the USPS and other foreign post offices clear immediately, allowing for much faster delivery times.

    NOTICE: Only money orders from the United States Postal Service or International Postal Money Orders will be accepted when Ordering by Mail. If you prefer not to create a user login account, mail your postal Money Order and your order request by using the "blank" order form, which allows you to fill in the items requested. This order form can be conveniently found at
    Small Blank Order Form

    All transactions are completed in US Dollars. The available display of alternate currencies is for reference only, and accuracy is not guaranteed. Since the currency conversion is a service provided by a third-party company, it is the buyer's responsibility to consult a bona fide currency exchange service to ensure real-time currency conversion accuracy.

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Your Credit Card Info - Storing it Without Storing the Number is Secure

Storing credit cards is common, but potentially unsafe. It's nice to avoid getting out your card each time you wish to make a purchase or call in an order. We can store your credit card without storing your card number. How? It's called Tokenization.
Tokenization completely removes credit card data from a company’s internal networks and replaces it with a unique, generated placeholder, or “token” so a thief has nothing to steal. A token is simply a group of numbers and letters that correspond to your card number, which is stored at a highly secure, offsite location. Nature's Alternatives uses only the token to retrieve, access, or maintain their customers’ credit card information. Tokens have no meaning by themselves and are worthless to criminals if a company’s system is breached in any way. When a purchase is made a random token such as, FHJX345BVE65478 is generated. There is no algorithm that allows anyone to regain the original card number. Hackers can’t even reverse-engineer the credit card number from the token, even if they were to grab the tokens off the servers.
Tokens can be used for customer sales, refunds, voids, and credits without using your card number. Each transaction generates a new token from the last one without the use of your credit card number. Since the unique token created is only available in our system, that token can ONLY be used at Nature's Alternatives. Taking a token and attempting to use it at another merchant SIMPLY WON'T WORK! Using tokenization allows Nature's Alternatives to protect you, our customer, more than ever.
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Incorrect Address

The client / customer is solely responsible for providing the correct billing and delivery address to ensure proper processing of all orders and timely delivery. In the event that an incorrect delivery address is provided, the carrier (FedEx, UPS) may charge a fee to research the correct address for delivery. In such a case, the client / customer agrees in advance to reimburse Nature's Alternatives and authorizes said charge in advance, only to be charged in the event of proof of the incorrect address, which is typically $10-$15.

In the event that your order is returned for an incorrect or insufficient address, you can either amend your delivery location and pay for delivery again to have your order resent OR if you choose to cancel your order, the original delivery fee charged in the original order will not be refunded.
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Delivery of Your Order

Delivery in the United States of America - A flat $6 fee will be assessed for the products sent in the United States of America, unless otherwise indicated. Free delivery is offered for orders with a total value of $250.00 USD after all discounts, not including delivery fees, when delivered in the USA. Additional delivery fees may be assessed for delivery to APO military addresses or for express delivery orders. International orders will incur additional charges for delivery according to weight. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase and you enter your delivery destination, your total delivery fees should be calculated by the shopping cart automatically. Simply choose your delivery preference and the amount necessary to deliver your order will be added to your total cost. For orders delivered in the United States of America, FedEx and the United States Postal Service will be used at our discretion, unless you have specifically selected a private carrier such as FedEx for delivery of your order. Additional delivery fees may be required for rushed or express orders in the United States of America. For all rushed orders, choose your delivery preference in the shopping cart to pay for your express service request.
Delivery outside the United States of America - International orders will incur additional charges for delivery according to weight. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase and you enter your delivery destination, your total delivery fees should be calculated by the shopping cart automatically. Simply choose your delivery preference and the amount necessary to deliver your order will be added to your total cost. For international destinations, the service you select will be the service used. FedEx International Priority usually takes 1-3 days for delivery. US Postal Service Priority Mail Express service will usually take 5-7 days. Priority Mail will usually take 6-10 days, and First Class International Mail can take usually 2 weeks. However, the Postal Service can allow up to 30 days for delivery.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that your country's custom department and ministry of health or similar agency will allow you to receive your order. You are also responsible to obtain any required permits or licenses to receive your order. All duties, taxes, and brokerage fees, if any, charged by the destination country will be the responsibility of the recipient. If duties, taxes, and/or brokerage fees assessed by the destination country are for any reason collected directly from Nature's Alternatives rather than through direct collection from the recipient, the customer authorizes collection of said fees immediately by whatever means necessary including, but not limited to, additional charges assessed on the customer's credit card. Refusal to pay any and all duties, taxes, and/or brokerage fees assessed by the destination country OR failure to satisfy any requirement by customs, ministry of health or any other agency, such as permits or licenses, thus causing the return of the package, will result in forfeit of the delivery fees. All returned packages will be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee along with additional fees, which may also be assessed, and for which the customer is responsible to pay and authorizes us to collect immediately, such as the cost charged by the carrier to return the package, brokerage fees, and storage fees assessed by the customs department of the destination country.

If the choice of the customer is to refuse clearing the package through customs for any reason and to abandon the package, any fees assessed by customs and/or the carrier are authorized by the customer for immediate collection, and the order will be deemed complete.

Used appliances may not be returned for a refund. Further, any items resulting in damage due to said return will also result in a charge for those damaged item(s) upon return receipt of the refused package.
Estimate Delivery Fees - You can generate a delivery fee estimate using the Delivery Estimator on the right side of the product page or in the shopping cart itself. On any given product page, simply add your country and postal code if you have one to generate the estimate. You have the choice of obtaining a delivery fee estimate for only the product on the page you are visiting or you can also include all items you already added to your shopping cart by checking the radio button at the bottom. If you wish to obtain the delivery fee estimate for a quantity of more that one of the same item, simply change the number in the quantity box and then calculate the estimate. See the black arrows in the image example below. You may get an estimate for the product on the page you are visiting only or include all items that have already been added to your cart along with the item on the product page for total delivery fees.

If you have special delivery needs, please contact us to address these concerns. For order status, please create a helpdesk ticket once you have logged in.
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Returns & Replacements

The return policy set forth at Nature's Alternatives is as follows:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
This return policy supersedes any manufacturer's return policy that may be found inside product packaging such as pre-printed policies that may be inserted by the manufacturer. Items may be returned for a full refund less delivery fees* if returned unopened or unused (no water inside of filters or appliances when considering the return of water filtration products) within 30 days from purchase. Alkaline water ionizers are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee. All other appliances may be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. (*When returning items for a refund, full delivery fees paid required to deliver your order will be deducted when those delivery fees exceed the flat-rate delivery fee even though you may have been charged only the flat-rate delivery fee). Unused alkaline water ionizers and all other appliances require an RMA number to be returned and must be in resellable condition. You can obtain an RMA number by creating a helpdesk ticket with the Returns Department or e-mail the Damage Department at damages@naturesalternatives.com. International delivery fees are not refundable. If products are damaged or non-functional, you must notify Nature's Alternatives within 24 hours of receiving damaged wares by creating a helpdesk ticket with the Damage Department. Due to high demand for KiO3 Potassium Iodate, all sales are final. Refunds will not be given for this item. Please contact us using the information below.

All returns should be directed to:
Nature's Alternatives
15508 W. Bell Road, Suite 101-438
Surprise, Arizona 85374-2432
Tel: 1-877-877-0747
Fax: 1-623-321-9977

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Pricing & Promotions

Pricing of individual items and bundled package items are as they are displayed on the website. From time to time, online promotions will be offered. Nature's Alternatives may email you with direct offers, which may be of interest to you. We will not send you any third-party offers. If you have applied for wholesale client status and been granted such status, all adjusted pricing for wholesale clients will appear directly on the website. You may select products and place them directly into your shopping cart and the wholesale pricing for which you have been selected will apply. In the event that a temporary sales price is lower than your wholesale price, the lesser price of the two will automatically be honored by the online shopping cart.
RSS Feeds: You may also select to receive RSS feeds directly into your email program or other RSS management software by clicking the RSS icon in the footer section of the website. Select the RSS feeds you wish to receive and you will automatically notified of sales and promotions offered by Nature's Alternatives.
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Healthy Reward Points

Nature's Alternatives offers Healthy Reward Points, which accumulate toward future promotions and discounts. Healthy Reward Points are only available for use by those who actually sign up for a login account at Nature's Alternatives. When you sign up for your login account, you will automatically be given a bonus of 100 points just for signing up. You will also earn 1 point for each whole dollar spent at Nature's Alternatives.

You can also refer friends. When you refer a friend and that friend signs up for a login account at Nature's Alternatives you will earn a bonus of 100 points for each friend that completes the sign-up process. Get your friend to make their first purchase and you will earn another bonus of 200 points just for getting them to order. Your friend will also receive 100 points for creating their new login account just like you did.

Points are not rounded up for partial dollars of prices. Example: $27.95 = 27 points. Promotions may be available such as earning double or triple reward points for select products purchased.

Purchase Bonuses:
*Purchase $100 in Products and Earn 25 Bonus Healthy Reward Points
(100 + 25 = 125 Healthy Reward Points)
*Purchase $200 in Products and Earn 75 Bonus Healthy Reward Points
(200 + 75 = 275 Healthy Reward Points)
*Purchase $300 in Products and Earn 150 Bonus Healthy Reward Points
(300 + 150 = 450 Healthy Reward Points)
*Purchase $500 in Products and Earn 375 Bonus Healthy Reward Points
(500 + 375 = 875 Healthy Reward Points)

Reward points may also be used with other coupons unless otherwise stated and restricted. Healthy Reward Points do not expire and may be used at any time. Points earned for a purchase may only be applied to your next purchase. You may redeem and apply points for each purchase or accumulate them for a future purchase. The terms of this program may be altered at anytime without notice, such as, but not limited to change in registration and referral points earned, points earned per dollar amount spent, restrictions using points with or without other coupons and promotions, and use of points all at once or in steps, but points previously earned will not be altered or affected and will be available for redemption. You may check your reward points at any time in your login account.

Redeeming Points When Checking Out

When you checkout, you will see a slider bar in the shopping cart after you login. See the slider bar inside the black circle in the middle column. Simply slide the bar to choose the points you wish to redeem and the discount will be applied.

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Gift Certificates

Nature's Alternatives also offers gift certificates that can be purchased directly online and then mailed or e-mailed to the recipient. You choose. When you select the gift certificate and add it to your online shopping cart, you select how the recipient will receive that gift certificate. You choose the dollar amount you wish to send too. We can also process gift certificates you wish to give by telephone. Once your recipient receives the gift certificate, they will be able to enjoy all the benefits you currently enjoy at Nature's Alternates. We will instruct them to simply create an account just as you did to begin using their unique gift certificate at Nature's Alternatives. You can purchase gift certificates using the same methods currently available for purchase at Nature's Alternatives and the gift certificates do not have an expiration date.
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Nature's Alternatives Browser Search Tool

The Nature's Alternatives Browser Search Tool is a simple tool for searching the site anywhere, anytime right from your browser. Just like Google or Yahoo, Nature's Alternatives will be there in Internet Explorer or Firefox. We don't track or infringe on your privacy. This simple plug-in allows you to search the site and that's it. Maybe a friend mentions acai berry or an article mentions Maitake mushroom or colloidal silver and you want to know if you can find it at Nature's Alternatives. You want to know that coming here first can allow you to continue to earn your reward points that count toward instant discounts EVERYTIME! Just select Nature's Alternatives in your browser drop-down, add your search and you'll know instantly if you can get it here. If you don't find it here, be sure to ask. Chances are, Nature's Alternatives can get it for you. Why go anywhere else? Click to Add It Now!

Internet Explorer Browser Drop-Down
Firefox Browser Drop-Down

Nature'sAlternatives.com Browser Search Tool. Search Us Anywhere, Anytime!

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Privacy & Security

Your right of privacy is very important. The information we collect is used to improve the services we offer, to improve our website’s content, and, with your permission, to contact you with updates to our web site or other marketing information. However, Nature's Alternatives will not share any information obtained on this site with any other company or sell information obtained on this site to any company or marketing group external to Nature's Alternatives. We recognize that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. We believe this information should only be used to help us provide you with better service. That's why we have put a policy in place to protect your personal information. Below is a summary of this policy.
We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide sensitive information (for example, a bank account or credit card number), we will take reasonable steps to protect it. We will also take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information in storage. Credit card numbers are used only for payment processing and are not used for marketing purposes.
Except as stated in this Privacy Statement, we will not provide ANY of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission. However, we may release personal information in response only to lawful court orders from government authorities.
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Viewing Orders

To view your orders, simply use the Login link in the top right corner of the website. All previous orders placed since the launch of this new site format will be available for your review. Furthermore, you will be able to conveniently find, select and Re-Order items you have ordered in the past. Simply look for the box that appears on either the left or right page columns titled "My Orders" in which you will see Last Items Ordered. From this list, you can conveniently and quickly select items you may wish to re-order.
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Facebook Connect 

The NaturesFCSS Facebook Connection application provides Facebook Users a new faster and convenient way to register with Nature's Alternatives for a new login account and share their experience with Facebook friends. If you already have a Facebook account, simply use your login for FB and your pertinent information such as address will easily be provided directly by FB for your login account with Nature's Alternatives When you make a purchase at Nature's Alternatives, we invite and encourage you to opt to share about your purchase with your Facebook friends. We do not share any information with anyone regarding your Facebook information such as username. We have no access to your password, nor do we store your password. When you provide the password to create the connection between Nature's Alternatives and Facebook your Facebook password is only entered by you directly into the Facebook application to allow your connection to Nature's Alternatives. Your privacy is extremely important. Further information regarding privacy is found above.
When you allow the application to share your shopping experience on your wall for friends to see and then invite them through our Rewards Points program, you will earn points toward future discounts when shopping at Nature's Alternatives. What a great way to share your experience with your friends, but better yet, get discounts for doing it!

In conjunction with Facebook, we may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect or receive information to provide measurement services that allow Nature's Alternatives to offer interest-based advertising. At any time you may contact us to request removal from this program.Back To The Top

Live Calls On Skype 

Are you in another country wanting to speak to a live person? Have product questions or want to place an order? Using Skype, you can reach a live person!

All you need to do is add "naturesalternatives" as the user to your Skype account. Due to Skype limitations, your invitation must first be accepted, but once it is, you can make contact directly through Skype. When someone is availble on the system to accept your Skype call, you will see the Online Status. Video on this end is not activated. This is a voice call only system. You are welcome to make the call using video. We'd love to see you!
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Blog Postings

Periodically, you will find postings about different topics of interest regarding alternative health. You may agree with some and disagree with others. Sometimes comments will be allowed within the posting. By posting a comment you agree not to publish profanity; comments that blatantly malign other or contain malicious intent; nor publish comments that would violate law or threaten others.
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Updating Account Information

To update your account information, simply use the Login link in the top right corner of the website. You will be directed to the My Account Dashboard. From your My Account Dashboard you have the ability to view a snapshot of your recent account activity and update your account information. You can add and edit multiple delivery addresses for selection of alternate recipients, especially when giving gifts.
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