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Nature's Alternatives Colloidal Silver Generator

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Nature's Original Natural Antibiotic
Colloidal Silver Generators
Nature's Alternatives
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Colloidal Silver Generator

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  • Colloidal Silver Generator
  • Colloidal Silver Generator
  • Colloidal Silver Generator

Product Description

Video: Colloidal Silver Generators - How to Make Colloidal Silver

How can Colloidal Silver Help?

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful natural antibiotic known to man, estimated to kill over 650 different disease-causing pathogens(bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast). Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, noted that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. Colloidal silver was used widely until around 1938 when the FDA came into being and the movement toward synthetic antibiotics began to emerge. Although used by NASA on shuttle missions and international airline carriers, silver has all but disappeared except for hospital intensive burn units. A group of scientists in Pharm World Sci v.19 pp. 197-201 Aug., 1997, refer to colloidal silver as "an antiseptic agent added because of its known antifungal potency." It has also been reported that having silver in the bloodstream increases the healing process of fractured bones. Small amounts of silver have also been used over time to preserve foods.

Today we are threatened by more "severe" viruses such as the Ebola and Hanta and other "flesh-eating" bacteria. Now you can conduct your own personal research using a colloidal silver generator to produce your own supply of colloidal silver.

any excess that is not needed by
the body is eliminated making
it unlikely to accumulate for a
long time in body tissues or overdose

So what is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is defined as a very small particle of silver, .01 to .005 microns (5 to 10 nanometers) in diameter (four hundred thousandths to twenty millionths of an inch), suspended in a liquid medium. It is most commonly produced today by passing an electrical current over a couple of silver electrodes immersed in distilled water. This process forms an electrical current in the liquid medium causing silver particles to become suspended in the water. The particles are so small that one billion would fit into a cube four one hundredths of an inch in size. Colloidal silver is also an electrical colloid meaning the silver particles, have a positive electrical charge. Because of the small particle size and electrical charge, the particles repel each other and thus theoretically stay suspended in the water indefinitely and do not settle out. See Glass vs. Plastic below.

How it works

In order to understand how colloidal silver works, one must first understand the disease-state of the body. The body encounters pathogens and other foreign entities many times a day. When the body is healthy, it maintains a proper pH and oxygen-rich environment. The pH (parts Hydrogen) inside the cells of the body are usually near an alkaline pH 7.2-7.4. Outside the cell, the fluid surrounding the cells will usually realize an acidic pH. However, when an individual does not maintain a healthy environment in the body, the pH begins to rise in the outer fluid and fall inside the cell. This reduces the electrical potential of the cell. The oxygen levels in the body respond by decreasing. Pathogens that grow in the body will usually attack these weakened cells and "set up shop". Organisms that cause illness and attack these weak cells cannot survive in healthy cells that have outer fluid pH below ~4.0 and inner cellular fluid above pH ~6.9. Silver maintains a positive charge which when introduced to areas of infection, disrupt the organisms causing the illness.

While searching for alternatives to artificial antibiotics,
colloidal silver was rediscovered.
Much excitement was created when high potency colloidal
silver was found to have no side effects and does not become drug resistant.

Interestingly, colloidal silver is believed to kill the pathogens by inhibiting the enzyme(s) that these pathogens utilize to survive in their anaerobic environment. This enzyme(s) is the pathogen's "chemical lung". Without the necessary enzyme(s) for metabolism, growth, regeneration and survival, the pathogens "suffocate" and die. It is believed that viruses are destroyed because the electric valence charge of silver particles cause their protective protein coat, also referred to as the "head",  to collapse and are rendered unable to replicate. The cells infected by virus may also be susceptible to enzymatic inhibition. They are then removed from the body by the immune, lymphatic, and intestinal elimination systems. This process is supposedly so effective that no pathogen has been recorded to mutate against colloidal silver or live in its presence for more than 6 minutes. While antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, as several strains of germs are becoming resistant to conventional antibiotics, they are not able to develop any resistant strains or immunity to silver.

What Does Research Show?

Rice University researchers have discovered in a study that ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria. The message from the researchers is to use enough silver to kill them or you may strengthen the bacteria. Scientists have known for years that oxidized silver, meaning positively-charged silver ions, are deadly to bacteria.

Scientists also suspected that silver nanoparticles would also pack the same deadly punch as the effective, positively-charged counterpart. Not the case, as reported by the Rice researchers in the American
Chemical Society journal Nano Letters.

Pedro Alvarez, George R. Brown Professor and chair of Rice’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department stated that, in fact, without the ionization of the silver particles, the silver is rendered essentially ineffective against microbes. Alvarez further stated that the insoluble silver nanoparticles are not what kill cells, but rather, the soluble ions when charged via oxidation are what get the job done.

The researches further suspected that particle size made a difference, and that, "Our original expectation was that the smaller a particle is, the greater the toxicity," said Zongming Xiu, the paper's lead author. What they found is that uncharged particles as concentrated as 195 ppm (parts per million) were ineffective. "But for the ionic silver, a concentration of about 15 parts per billion would kill all the bacteria present," according to Xiu. That is a magnitude of more than 7,500 times greater strength found in ionic silver.

Alvarez further stated that the result of this research should shift the debate about particle size and shape to the more important matter of the presence of charged silver ions.

Bacteria Killed by Ionic Silver Particles

Zong-ming Xiu†, Qing-bo Zhang‡, Hema L. Puppala‡, Vicki L. Colvin‡, and Pedro J. J. Alvarez*†
†Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and ‡Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, Texas 77005, United States
Nano Letters., 2012, 12 (8), pp 4271–4275
Publication Date (Web): July 5, 2012

So what does this all mean for you? You can see from testimonials stemming from the use of both colloidal silver and ionic silver, that the charged particles produced by either method provide favorable results. The reason is that they both create charged particles regardless of their size. This is the key according to the researchers.

Silver Learning Center

Toxicity - Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Why is there no toxicity? Because the silver is in a colloidal form, any excess that is not needed by the body is easily eliminated thereby preventing the accumulation in body tissues for long periods of time. There is no known interaction between colloidal silver and any drugs, herbs or medicines. Colloidal silver is reported to be non-toxic to the body. No known cases exist demonstrating the ability to overdose using colloidal silver.

Glass vs. Plastic - How to Store Your Silver

Colloidal silver must be stored in glass amber bottles in order to hold the all important positive charge and protect the solution from sunlight. Some companies incorrectly package colloidal silver in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles will not hold the positive electrical charge thereby causing the particles to fall out of solution. Additionally, toxic chemicals from the plastic may leach into the suspension.

Click Here For Glass Amber Storage Bottles
So begin your own health experimentation with colloidal silver using this proven and tested personal research tool today!

Pre-Tested to Guarantee Functionality

*New & Improved Complete Instruction Booklet

*Complete 27-volt generator
--fully assembled--
(batteries included)

*2 electrodes of .9999 fine pure silver wire included (electrodes 4 inches ea.)

*spoon & scouring pad included

Everything you need except the water!
All for one low price!

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Nature's Alternatives
Product Type Appliance
Appliance Condition New
Warranty 1-Year Warranty
Color Black
Country of Manufacture

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Customer Reviews

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Works, order # 029076 Review by
"Cheap, ionic silver
Ordered another for someone else today"
"God bless you in your business of helping people. Otherwise, would not get quick results with your Silver. This story is 109% true. Silver has helped my mother-in-law, plus many seniors at my church.

My mother-in-law had developed a bed sore in her tailbone that was larger than a silver dollar. It was very infected and so large, you could even see her bones. I have been making colloidal silver with the colloidal silver generator from Nature’s Alternatives for quite some time. We soaked gauze with the colloidal silver and applied it to her bed sore regularly. We also had a nurse coming to the house to tend to her three days a week. After six weeks and one day, her bed sore had healed completely. The visiting nurse told us that she had been instructed in my mother-in-law’s charts that this size bed sore would require a minimum of 18 months to heal, if it would heal at all. Now isn’t that something? "
Great Product & Service Review by
"I ordered my first colloidal silver generator after calling in and having all of my questions answered.

It arrived quickly, and I found the generator to be extremely easy to use.

It's great to have the ability to make my own CS at home whenever I want."
Good Review by
"I have been using CS for several years and decided it was time to make my own and it is easy to do with this generator. I have found it to be very helpful with my health issues although I would say it is not the complete answer for everything but very helpful. It certainly clears up small cuts or burns quickly and takes the sting out of bites etc. "
Simple to use and effective Review by
"Good product. Just be careful about the timing for the ppm. Nice product. I have tried after shaving with the spray, and no bump! Really incredible. No alcohol needed."
On the road to better health - PRICELESS Review by
"I just got the CS Generator and made my first batch of colloidal silver. The rods are a little difficult to insert, but I got a pint of CS in distilled water with 8 ppm in about 45 minutes. Due to the price of commercial CS we were only to take minute amounts of silver as needed. Now my family can take it daily, and I feel much safer in the midst of all the superbugs coming along. (I work in a nursing home and am exposed to lots of those nasty bugs.) Thanks for a great, affordable product."
Great Salesmanship Review by
"I called to order my first colloidal silver generator, and the sales man was very helpful in answering all my questions, and he didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. I would highly recommend this company."
Excellent item Review by
"This CS generator is very easy to use, nice quality, excellent value. I am very pleased with it!"
CS saved my life! Review by
"About 15 years ago I was literally dying from Lyme Disease. I ordered a generator from this site and took Colloidal Silver on a daily basis for several years. I have given it to friends who have also used it successfully. I can't say enough good things about it. It was a great and worthwhile purchase. I am alive and healthy today, thanks to this site and the CS generator."
So far so good Review by
"Got tired of spending so much on purchasing colloidal silver so saw the generator and have given it a shot. So far so good. I use it for my kids mostly. Already have steered clear of two colds this season and right now trying to fight off some other virus trying to attack us. I sure hope it works and stops the cold or whatever it is before it's full blown."
Good Review by
"Colloidal generator arrived in 7 days. That's good delivery time to Ireland. I have tried it, and it seems to work fine. Tastes just like what I have been buying in the shops, very easy to use and good instructions. Does exactly what is says. Thanks. I am very pleased with this product."
simple process for good quality product Review by
"I'm glad I took a chance on this product. It's easy to use and I found the information (and troubleshooting) booklet very helpful. (In my case, the silver rods hadn't been fully inserted, which is apparently a common issue with first time users.) The generator is deceptively quiet but after the appropriate time I could visually see it was working (again, thanks to the helpful instructions). The resulting silver water itself tastes better than store bought, and in my case making 3 large bottles will cover the cost of the kit. Overall, it's a very good investment."

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What is ppm?
Does this run on batteries or will I have to plug it into an electric outlet???
What is a colloid?
PPM - How many parts per million (ppm) does your generator make?
Does this kit include the silver rods?
When testing batteries am I looking for 27 volts?
How much colloidal silver will a set of rods make? And is it necessary to have the digital tester? Thank You
What kind of Guarantee comes with it ?

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