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Native Essence Herbs Ligustrum (Privet) Fruit, Chinese Extract

Quick Overview

Digestive Aid. Stomach & Bowel Ulcer Relief. Tinnitus. Gray Hair. Eye Floaters.
Native Essence Herbs
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No Animal Testing Non Irradiated. No Irradiation. Vegetarian
Native Essence Chinese Ligustrum (Privet) Fruit Extract

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Product Description

Chinese Ligustrum Privet Fruit - (Ligustrum lucidum) Ait. (Family Oleaceae) is a yin tonic known in Chinese as Nu Zhen Zi or nuzhenzi.

Actions: Nutritive tonic, deep immune activator, liver tonic, digestive aid.

Common Use: Ligustrum, or privet fruit, is an excellent digestive aid, it may be of benefit in chronic bowel complaints and ulcerations of the stomach and bowels. Also known to nourish and tone the blood, liver and kidneys, benefit the skin, and act on conditions such as dizziness, spots in front of the eyes, lower back pain and tinnitus. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ligustrum is often combined with astragalus root to combat long term weakness, chronic illness or deficiency, and many degenerative ailments such as general immune weakness. This herb is also recognized as a yin tonic which brightens vision and darkens hair traditionally used for premature graying of hair, blurred vision and habitual constipation in the elderly. A more modern reported use is in the detox of chronic benzene poisoning.

Suggested Use: 20 to 40 drops 2-4 times daily or 1 time daily for maintenance.

Formulas containing this herb:

Bilberry / Schizandra Plus
Astragalus / Ligustrum 75/25
Cat's Claw / Pau d' Arco Plus
Immun-Essence Plus
Milk Thistle / Schizandra Plus
SumaCeps Plus

Additional Information

Manufacturer Native Essence Herbs
Product Type Herbal Extract
Herb Extract Base Organic Alcohol
Has A Dropper? 2oz. & 4oz. Yes dropper; 8oz. No dropper

Native Essence Herb Company, located just outside the town of Taos in the enchanted mountains of northern New Mexico, began preparing herbal products in 1992. The company began with the Rene Caisse formula (Native Essence Tea). Since then the herb company has expanded the line to include dozens of combination formulas and over 100 single herbs.

All of Herbal Solutions™ extracts are prepared according to specific extraction procedures. Each plant is individually extracted using grain alcohol and distilled water. Some plant's bio-active constituents will dictate the concentration of alcohol used, this ensures maximum extraction. Most of our extracts contain approximately 45% alcohol.

The extraction procedures employed by Herbal Solutions™ also vary according to the individual plant and whether the plant is fresh or dry. All extracts are prepared by a slow, cold percolation process or through a long maceration, with some plants going through the process more than once to increase concentration.

Herbal Solutions™ prepares extracts to specific herb strengths, 1:2 to 1:3 for dry plants and 1:1 to 1:2 for fresh plants. The herb strength ratio is the amount (by weight) of solid plant parts (root, flower, etc.) used to obtain the final amount of extract. Thus, an herb strength ratio of 1:2 means 1 oz. of plant material is used to make a 2 oz. bottle of extract. Since many fresh plants still contain a good percentage of water, more fresh plant material will generally be used when making an extract with fresh plants.

Native Essence Herb Co.
P.O. Box 189
Carson, NM 87517
Tel. 575-758-7793
Fax 575-758-7993

For more information, please view http://www.naturesalternatives.com/herbs/ourproducts.html.

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