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Earth Solutions Throat Chakra Earrings, Sterling Silver with Blue Enamel

Nature's Price: $39.95

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Throat Chakra Earrings, Sterling Silver with Blue Enamel
Earth Solutions
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Product Description

The Hindu word for the fifth chakra is Vissudha. It is positioned in the neck, above the collarbone and beneath the jaw. Made of sterling silver and enamel and approximately 1/2" diameter in size, this Jeffrey David pendant was inspired by a Hindu design that is useful for balancing the throat chakra. When in balance the throat chakra aids in healthy communication and self expression. One is able to speak the truth and listen to what others have to say. This chakra also represents the interplay of personal will and Divine Will, the balance of which gives us faith to allow changes to take place in our lives. The inability to speak up for oneself or to consider new and different ideas may keep one static and afraid to move forward. Resistance to change may create a tension that physically manifests in the form of TMJ related headaches, clenched jaw and grinding teeth. Compulsive talking also indicates an imbalance of energy in the 5th chakra. One may be more susceptible to allergies, sinusitis, and problematic conditions of the thyroid, larynx and trachea.

To help balance the throat chakra, give voice to your thoughts and needs. Some find it helpful to write in a journal that which is difficult to verbalize. Because listening is also an important function of Vissudha, paying attention to the sounds of nature will help to open and circulate the energy here. Make a conscious effort to hear the sound of birds chirping and the wind in the trees. Another technique for balancing this chakra is to relax oneself and visualize the color blue while repeating the Hindu chant HAM. Hold your intention in your throat and allow the sound to vibrate there. This exercise energizes the 5th chakra. Wearing the sterling silver Jeffrey David pendant will give further benefit. Gemstones that resonate on a harmonious frequency with the throat chakra are blue tourmaline, azurite, labradorite, blue opal, and turquoise. The representative color blue is symbolic of the element ether.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Earth Solutions
Product Type Jewelry
Country of Manufacture United States
Jewelry Metal Sterling Silver

Earth Solutions founder Dr David Epstein, D.O., a practicing holistic osteopathic physician, began with environmental product, distributing a natural oxygenating solution for soil conditioning. Influenced by his interest in natural remedies, the nutrient rich oxygenating solution was formulated into DermAlive, the predecessor to Cell Food which was developed after the supplier sold the company.

The ScentBall and CarScenter aromatherapy diffusers were developed by Earth Solutions in collaboration with Hubmar in 1995 and 1997. Earth Solutions were the pioneers that offered a natural plant-derived aroma alternative to an industry of artificial fragrances. On the heels of that and with the creative genius of folk artist Eric Legge, Earth Solutions took on a new look. The collection of five Scent Inhalers grew to twenty and became a best, all-time and ongoing product. The convenience and concept of affirmations associated with scents in a pocket-sized inhaler was a hit.

Earth Solutions launched the Jeffrey David 1999 when Jeff Boast brought his talent in computer aided jewelry design to help create a unique line of aromatherapy jewelry. Since then, the line expanded to over 500 jewelry designs. Collections range from aromatherapy to music, flower of life, new age, sports and many custom designs in pendants, earrings and charms.

With a passion for aquaponics and help from friend Dav Frayne, Dr. Dave designed the Farm in a Box. This first-commercially-available aquarium aquaponic garden mounts onto a standard glass fish tank became a media sensation. Articles appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and featured the Farm in a Box on Good Morning America for the 4th of July garden special in 2010.

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Another Product Coming Soon

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