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Energy Innovations Positive Energy Purple Disk Large

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Quick Overview

Original Energy Innovation Purple Energy Disk Pendants
Only Authentic EIP Purple Disks have UPC 860581000321
Energy Innovations
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EIP Energy Innovations Positive Energy Purple Disk Large

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  • EIP Energy Innovations Positive Energy Purple Disk Large
  • Silver Dollar vs. Positive Energy Purple Disk Large
  • EIP Energy Innovations Large Positive Energy Purple Disk UPC 860581000321

Product Description

Strutured Water with a Portable Filter Water BottleThese are the famous, original positive energy disk pendants made by EIP. They are manufactured in Arizona and are the genuine product as invented by Ralph Bergstresser. Looking to drink structured water? Put a purple positive energy disk in a portable filter water bottle today!

What are positive energy plates and how do they work?

The atoms and electrons of the aluminum have been altered so that the plates are in resonance, or in tune, with the basic energy of the Universe. They function as transceivers of the Earth's paramagnetic force...creating a field of energy around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. This energy is very beneficial (the life-force energy) to all life...plant, animal, or human. It might be considered as Positive Energy, or as God power. Love is "positive energy". God is Love. God is Energy.

Science has proven that by projecting "love" or positive energy to a plant, the plant will flourish and grow vigorously. The plate energy will also do the same to plants. If a child is injured, it will run to its mother who automatically releases "energy" or "prana" in Yoga. In China it is called "chi", and the pain is relieved. The plates can do the same thing when placed upon an injured area of man, plant or animal. If a person receives a burn, they have suddenly had the normal vibrational rate of the tissue altered...and they suffer pain. The plates will help to quickly return the burned area back to its normal rate of vibration. This is accomplished by acting as an antenna to attract the life-force vibrational frequency of the universe and the Earth. All faith healing utilizes this energy.

What is paramagnetism?

In paramagnetism the atoms or molecules of the substance have net orbital or spin magnetic moments that are capable of being aligned in the direction of the applied field - (Dictionary of Chemistry). Magnetic moment is the ration between the maximum torque exerted on a magnet or current-carrying coil, or the charge in a magnetic field, and the strength of the field itself. Since atoms and molecules spin, rotate, and vibrate in all kinds of predictable directions depending on their makeup, they are in effect, little dynamic generators displaying both field strength and torque (torque = rotating power in a mechanism). It is obvious that the Earth and cosmos itself has a magnetic moment since it has a low-energy magnetic field of about ½ gauss. Gauss is the CGS unit of magnetic flux. CGS means Centimeter, Grams, Seconds. Put quite simply, if you have one gram of a substance, one centimeter from a magnet, in what part of one second will it move to the magnet?

In nature, all substances are in a weak cosmic magnetic field, which is the Earth's ever-present ½ gauss. The purple plates manufactured by EIP have been subjected to a proprietary process that causes extremely high readings of CGS, much higher than naturally-occurring substances and minerals.

Are the Plates in any way Harmful?

No. In no way can these plates be harmful. The plates can be placed directly on the skin or be separated by clothing and have the desired effect. They can be carried in a woman's purse on your person. There is absolutely no threat to health or safety when using positive energy plates. One common concern, because of their use of the Earth's natural paramagnetic force, is whether or not the plates will affect the magnetic strip on credit cards. There is, however, no threat to the magnetic strips on credit cards.

How do others use their positive energy plates?

These plates will help raise the vibrational rate of any individual using them. Many people place their food from the market on the large plates (12"x12") when they are still in paper sacks. The time recommended is about fifteen minutes. The energy attracted by the plate will enhance the taste of the food. Pineapple and other fruits that can sometimes have a sour taste will sweeten after sitting on the plate. Plate energy will change the taste of wine...cheap wine improves in taste and expensive wine becomes like vinegar. A plate that is placed under a vodka martini will ruin the martini...it will taste like water after as little as 2-3 minutes!

Does your water taste less than desirable when you go out to eat? Is it full of chemical tastes such as chlorine? Well, the positive energy plate is your answer to the end of such unpleasant dinner experiences. Simply place the glass of water on one of the medium plates for as little as 2-3 minutes and watch the miracle begin!! You will have cleaner-tasting, wetter water that goes down smooth without all of the chemical taste. The energy from the plate is believed to reduce the surface tension of the water and neutralize a significant concentration of the chemicals in the water. Take it everywhere you go! You may have heard of structured water and the benefits of drinking structured water. Positive energy plates do a phenomenal job of structuring water.

Some people sleep on these plates by placing them under their pillow or mattress. This helps to give them more energy and raise their vibrational rate. Other people cannot sleep with the plates near them, as the positive energy will keep them up most of the night. By wearing the small plate in a pocket, most people will feel an increase of energy and less fatigue. Some people find the best results by using them for shorter periods...perhaps only 30 minutes to 1 hour each day, or twice daily. This all depends upon the individual. Many reports have come back complaining of the plate's ability to "disappear", "grow legs" or actually "dematerialize".

How long do the plates last?

These plates have been in use for more than 30 years, and they are still functioning very well after that length of time. Once the structure of the atoms of the aluminum has been altered, they will remain in that condition possibly indefinitely. The plates are not "charged". They are utilizing the basic energy of the universe.

Plate applications that users have discovered:

  • Place a large 1½" disk (PEDL) in any of the portable filter water bottles offered at Nature's Alternatives and structure your water today!
  • Wear the disk on a leather or purple, silk cord to infuse balancing energy in your Anahata Heart Chakra and your Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Wear the small plate in pocket for more energy. Women carry the plates in their purses. (No body contact is necessary)
  • Place large plate in the refrigerator (center shelf). Food will last much longer and thermostat may have to be adjusted if food freezes. (Exception for fresh meat and fish)
  • Place plate under sick houseplants.
  • Place grocery bags of food on the large plate for approximately 15 minutes. This induces the "life force energy" in the food.
  • Place 1 gallon of water on large plate or medium plate for twelve hours while leaving the lid off. Drink or use to water plants.
  • Place medium plate in dog or cat bed or under food dish.
  • Place small disk around pet's neck for general well being.
  • Use the positive energy plate on the injured area of any living thing.
  • Energize crystals, decomposed granite or quartz sand by placing material on the plate for 12 hours. Scatter the energized material on plants or trees to enhance growth.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Energy Innovations
UPC # 860581000321
Product Type Energy Tools
Country of Manufacture United States
Dimensions 1 1/2" (3,8 cm) diameter

EIP's Background

"The HUNZA people have lived for centuries in a very remote area high up in the Himalayan Mountains cut off completely from the modern world. No electrical power or modern machinery is available. The Hunza people number several hundred thousand and have survived for over 500 years. Many people live to an age of 150 years, and it is not uncommon for some to live to 200 years of age. These amazing people are vegetarians except for fish. Each person farms their own land, which is donated by the government at time of birth. Their life is difficult because the conditions they live under are harsh. The altitude is high, the temperature is cold and they are not allowed to hire servants or help in tilling their land which is fertile and free from sprays and chemicals. The water used for irrigation on their agriculture crops flows down from the mountains and is crystal clear. The water they drink is cloudy, living, energized water that has been altered by nature and now contains all of the minerals required for good health and long life." Ralph Bergstresser.

Healing Powers of the Ganges River

"For thousands of years the native population of India have used the water from the Ganges River for healing. Gallon jugs of this water from the Ganges have been stored for over half a century at the University of Calcutta, and are still completely free of bacteria. "What causes the Ganges River Water in India to have such fantastic healing powers?" Although this has been one of the great mysteries of nature, the secret of this miracle water is now known.

"A tributary of water, that eventually finds its way into the Ganges River, originates and begins its long journey from high in the Himalayan Mountains. It is there, high in the mountains where the atmosphere is clear and clean, that nature begins the natural process of creating a special water. This process starts when the mountain and its snow cover is bombarded by the higher energies of the Universe: known as cosmic energy. This bombardment by cosmic 4th dimensional energy alters the atomic and molecular structure of the rocks and granite that constitute these magnificent mountains, and in turn, changes the chemistry of the snow and water as it flows over them and down to the lowlands. This chemistry change is adding the Life Force Energy to the water. It is the Life Force Energy, which has now become an intricate part of the water, that produces the healing miracles of the Ganges River." Ralph Bergstresser.

The Key is Known

"The key to this phenomenon is now known and is utilized to produce the products of Energy Innovation Products.

"How do these units work. The atomic structure ... of our products has been altered. This process (proprietary) brings these products into resonance or harmony with the basic energy (free energy) of the universe. These devices are like transceivers (receivers and transmitters). They create a field of life force energy around themselves that will penetrate any material substance ... by osmosis. The size of the mass of the altered material will vary with each product and application....

"The most important energy in our life ... is our own vital energy. The atomic structure of our products has been altered so that they are in harmony, in tune, or in resonance with the life force vibration. The products create a field of energy around themselves and by 'osmosis', this energy will penetrate any living thing including an individual, plant or animal. With radionic equipment, the life force energy may be measured on an individual. For example, on a scale of say from 0 to 100, the energy reading of a person might be twenty to twenty-five. When the person is handed an energy plate, the reading will instantly increase up to ninety or ninety-five on the scale. This is an indirect method of proving the product. The frequency of this 'life force energy' can not be measured directly by any known device.

"Many years of research and study were required to bring about these products. A curious mind is required for scientific progress outside of the conventional realms. This all started in India over forty years ago when I was guest of a maharaja. He had an eight month old son that was very sick. I asked if he was going to get a doctor. He said 'no, we have sent a man to obtain some holy water from the Ganges River.' In three days, the man came with one gallon of water. They fed the water to the sick child ... and like magic, the child was healed and back to normal. To me, a miracle is the inability to understand a scientific fact. How could the water cure the child? That was the problem. It was this incident that triggered my curious mind to find the answer and this led me into the present knowledge. My conclusions after many years of research. God is Energy. God is Love, Positive Energy is Love. The 'Life Force Energy' is God." Ralph Bergstresser.


Ralph's experience with the maharaja's son led him to: "... a conversation with the famous scientist, Dr. Nikola Tesla, in 1942. Tesla said, 'If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' I spent the last 50 years doing just that, and my products are a direct result of this investigation." Ralph Bergstresser.

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Customer Reviews

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Raspberry test Review by
"I did a little test with two raspberries. One places on top of the purple disc, one 50 cm away from the purple plate. I made sure it were exactly same raspberries (size and freshness).
Could not see any difference in one day, but within a few days the one on top of the purple plate still looked good, but the other one was mouldy from inside and had shrunk, and looked little black.
I was really excited to see that!

Now I want to buy them for my family as well. Maybe I want to believe in miracles really bad, but so what...
It's a Dutch saying. Do not profit, do not harm it (google translate) "
Wonderful Purple Disc Review by
"My order showed up fast and in perfect condition Great Sellers. I do feel that the Disc is working I wear it around my neck under my clothes and not sure but it seems to me that there is a lot more positive energy in me and has helped get rid of negative energy focused on me although I am not sure as I've only had the disc for a short amount of time, I'll give it much more time and will keep it close"
I felt something for the first time with this. Review by
"I am in Japanese.I hope you won't mind because my English is poor.

I had tried many same genre items, but I have never felt anything.

But I tried this purple disk and felt something.

At first,I set this my front, and felt dullness and heavy shoulder. I guessed that it might be Upturn reaction. But that continued and I tried set it my back side. Then I felt something strange,good...I cannot express obviously.

I continued wearing about two weeks, that feeling becomes stronger little by little.

I bought disks over 20, and hand them out to my clients and family."
purple disc, all should get these Review by
"Good product to have. Use many ways as jewelry on wrist, neck, wrist around waist, also place in wallet with money...under water bottle to treat water. Can take away pain. Does speed up your energy when you wear it, I find I walk faster. Am over 60.. Have purchased a few and the rectangles and the squares. Quick delivery. A must have....really."
"I have only had the discs for a couple of days and have given them to my family and dogs. My daughter has said that she had knocked her knee so hard that the pain was shooting down to her foot. She put the disc on her knee for a while said her knee seemed to be burning and then became better."
Nice Disk Review by
"Very nice disk. Good quality, and fast shipping."
Love it! Review by
"As soon as the disk arrived I put it on and immediately felt calmer. This is helping me get more focused by warding off the EMF's. It's great! Thanks so much for providing us with another one of Tesla's great inventions!"
It is a wonderful disk Review by
"I kept it for a dog. I want you to live long well.

no complaints Review by
"Quick delivery, good price on Tesla disc"
Excellent. Everyone needs one of these discs Review by
"Tried it on all the things that was in the write-up. All worked. Works very well in conjunction with reiki healing. Very good product. Highly recommend for everyone."
Helping to Ground Shift Energy Review by
"I got these pendants because I wanted more positive energy around myself and my daughter, the recent Shift energy has been stirring up some things that need to be confronted and released and I was hoping the pendants would help with that.

I did notice that my daughter seemed to be a bit lighter in heart on the days she wore this. Also, I've been getting constant strong energy waves through my feet and legs - very distracting - and I noticed that when I wore my pendant, the energy seemed to calm a bit.

I contacted customer service to make sure the pendants wouldn't be unintentionally blocking the Shift energy, and they told me that rather, the pendants would have more of a grounding effect to connect me to grounding Earth energy - which is great, a lot of the advice I've been seeing for people having strong ascension symptoms has been to ground themselves. So I was glad that the pendants would serve that function for me, because really there's a limit to how many chunks of shungite and black tourmaline one can carry around in one's pockets before it gets ridiculous, ya know? :D

Also, when I got the pendants, I put a glass of water on one, then after 15 minutes, I had my husband taste test the two glasses of water - the pendant-rested glass and the glass that was kept farther away from the pendant. He didn't know anything about what was going on, but he picked the pendant-water as the one that tasted much better."
Ways to "wear" the purple energy disk Review by
"I have found that there are many ways to wear these disk, and get the benefits. I wear them as bracelets on a string of crystals and have anklets as well. You can wear a string of crystals and one of the purple disk attached, around your waist, under your clothes. I have also attached one to the back of a crystal disk, thus benefiting from the purple energy and the crystal energy. I wear one around my neck behind another pendant. The small size of the purple energy disk allows one to affix it almost anywhere. I even used a large "Band-Aid" to apply one to a certain spot of concern, and it stayed in place all day. And of course I can feel the surge of energy flowing through my body from all of these disks. Get them and experiment."
Everyone should have Review by
"Products sent within days. those who don't have "an issue", may not notice the energy, but it is there. have let some hold for a few moments and their pain disappeared. noticed that when I place on my ankle between sock and skin, purple came off on skin and sock. Not sure why, but, still has color. May have been the interaction between the lotion on skin and perspiration. dye easily wiped off skin and sock. did not happen with one around neck or wrist. gave one away, person's pain diminished and she felt calmer. plan to order more. I wear mine everyday."
Very pleased Review by
"I looked all over and have found this wonderful site. I will continue to be a repeat customer. I just wish you'll offered wholesale. (Our note: We do offer wholesale.)"
They're nice Review by
"I got two large disks and both arrived extremely fast. I don't know if they work or not I haven't felt much difference but it's worth a try...not very expensive. "
Satisfied Review by
"I'm not "energetically sensitive" but do believe in the science/technology behind purple plates. I use them to structure drinking water for both myself and my dog, and it gives me greater peace of mind."
didn't work for me :( Review by
"I am very disappointed and sad... I felt no difference nor did my friend who is very sensitive feel any difference. I also put one on my dog's collar and unfortunately did NOT notice a difference with her. I don't understand why they didn't have an effect for me."
Always with me Review by
"I have the large plate, the medium plate as well as the disks on every keychain. I have given them to everyone close to me to pass on the positive energy. I'm so glad I found somewhere I can order authentic purple plates."
They work:) Review by
"I used to get tired in the afternoon and take naps, but since wearing one around my neck everyday I don't feel sleepy anymore. I take it off at night as it seems it makes it harder to sleep deeply... "
excellent devices Review by
"The plates are very useful for purifying and energizing quantities of water for drinking and for groceries as well at home. My parents will be able to apply one to their main water intake also. When I acquire a vehicle I will install one below the brake pedal area since this apparently can accomplish about a 20% savings on fuel."
Wonderfully Helpful Review by
"You don't say how the 1 to 5 rating goes. Is 5 the best? That's how I rated it, best on all counts. I now carry 4 disks on a cord, each one knotted so they don't all run into each other. I wear it around my neck under my clothes if I don't have pockets or I keep it in my pocket. It gives me extra energy, helps me with the pain of arthritis and helps me heal when I'm sick. I started with one disk and keep adding them as I feel I need a higher vibrational level. The next size up is too much for me but I'm getting there. This is a very helpful tool and I've given them as gifts to people with aches and pains, serious illnesses or trouble sleeping and most people find them as helpful as I do. I have osteoporosis and my bones break easily. I once cracked two ribs while packing to move and I could hardly breathe. I taped one disk to each rib and went to sleep for the night. The next day I was able to get back to packing with minimal pain. Tesla sure knew what he was doing when he invented these purple plates and disks."

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Product Questions

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I was told that the only (real) plates are made in Scottsdale, AZ but I find no address for this manufacture nor phone number

Where are your plates made?
Thank you
I thought Tesla specifically used titanium plates which were energized - you seem to sell aluminum plates - were is the evidence that aluminum works?
I just bought 4 of the tesla purple plate pendants from you, but had a new question about them:

I don't know if you're aware of all the Shift energy coming at us right now, but if you do, I was wondering if you might know if wearing one of the tesla purple plate pendants would negatively interfere with receiving the energy/upgrades I'd normally be getting from the incoming Shift energies?

I'd been getting extremely strong energy (annoyingly) thrumming through my feet and legs since end of September and when I put on the pendant, the energy calmed down a bit to where it wasn't so distracting. But I don't want to accidentally impede Shift progress. Thoughts?

I also wanted to use a pendant for my little girl who is very sensitive to shift energies - she'd been getting a bit stressed by the extra energy, but I don't want to unintentionally block her from getting the benefits of the Shift energies if she's wearing the pendant.

We both have personal orgonite pieces (and there's plenty in each room of our home), we've got black tourmaline, shungite and a bunch of other crystals for helping to keep grounded, calm, peaceful, anger/stress management. I've been doing meditation with crystals for each chakra laid out on my body during that time. But we are still both quite effected by the Shift energies anyway, and we still have to be functional for school and other things, so that's why I wanted to try the tesla plate pendants for this, which I've already bought from you.

Any advice or thoughts on the matter of the pendants and Shift energies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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