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WaterOz Stabilized Liquid Oxygen 4oz. 

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Alkaline Mineral Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Drops
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Stabilized Liquid Oxygen 4oz.

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Product Description

Stabilized Liquid Oxygen is the best formulation of liquid "electrolytes" available. Stabilized liquid oxygen was first discovered by Dr. Moises de Guevarra in 1929. Liquid oxygen is the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the liquid "electrolytes of oxygen" on the market (electrolytes are substances which dissolve in water and conduct electricity). Our liquid is a concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen that is made available to the body in a molecular form. The oxygen is released upon contact with stomach acid. By providing your bloodstream with molecular oxygen, it is possible to kill anaerobic bacteria and parasites on contact without harming your tissues or friendly aerobic bacteria. Also commonly known as an all natural remedy to prevent cold sores and genital herpes outbreaks caused by HSV 1 and 2.

Stabilized liquid oxygen is an oxidant similar in effect to hydrogen peroxide, but is more stable, because instead of releasing gas in the stomach, they react with the stomach acid, and release "molecular" oxygen. Even though stabilized oxygen is many times more effective than hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant, there doesn't seem to be any nauseous feelings or unpleasant taste from the stabilized oxygen.

The reason it is believed that liquid oxygen works so well is the specific "enzyme enhancing" qualities of the chlorite ion. Chemically speaking, the chlorite ion is a molecule of chlorine and oxygen (ClO4-) with a strong negative charge. The same molecule with a neutral charge is chlorine dioxide, an even more potent oxidizer and a super effective killer of microbes.

The belief is that if an individual could maintain a robust cellular oxidation, meaning that virtually every cell in your body is functioning well, disease conditions don't have a chance. When cellular oxidation is diminished in the body due to stress, pollution, junk foods and other free radicals, we are susceptible to degeneration, fatigue and sickness. Stabilized oxygen provides your body with a remarkable stable form of chlorite, which is chlorine and oxygen. (This is not the unhealthy form of chlorine found in swimming pools; this is a stabilized form of pure chlorine and oxygen.) Extra oxygen is released into your blood stream. Though it is minimal when compared to the amount of oxygen you breathe into your lungs, the dissolved oxygen is very beneficial to your metabolism. The chlorite ion is then used by the body as a substrate for a number of important enzyme functions that improve cellular oxidation. That is an important value in dietary supplementation.

Most people are unaware that the most abundant element found in healthy human blood is chlorine, followed by sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Obviously, your blood needs a quality source of chlorine. The four-ounce dropper bottle of stabilized oxygen provides a 120-day supply when used at the suggested 8 drops twice daily. The stabilized oxygen liquid in the bottle is highly alkaline, yet it remains stable even once in contact with the low pH of stomach acid.

When stabilized oxygen is diluted in water, the high alkalinity is rapidly lowered from pH 12-13 to near pH 8.6. This lowering of pH causes separation of chlorite ions (ClO4-) and stabilized oxygen molecules (O2) from the sodium atoms. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are also released. This reaction destroys microbes in the water, which makes stabilized oxygen a good thing to have on hand when visiting foreign countries. When stabilized oxygen is ingested, stabilized oxygen mixes with stomach acid at pH 3-4. Because of the strength of this reaction is even stronger in the stomach, more molecular oxygen, chlorite ion, and chlorine dioxide are created.

Not only will you have a wealth of energetic dissolved oxygen immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, the specific oxidizer of chlorite and chlorine dioxide that destroys viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Liquid oxygen has been proven effective in killing Salmonella, cholera, E. coli, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus aureus. Be sure you don't leave home without it when traveling. One 4 oz. bottle yields (2) 8-drop dosages for 120 days. So, if you want the best cell oxygenation boost available in easy to take droplet form, the smart choice is Stabilized Liquid Oxygen from Nature'

FOR WATER STORAGE: Stabilized oxygen is a superior water preservation additive for water storage. Add 8 drops per gallon. One 4oz. bottle with provide water storage treatment for five 55-gallon containers (0.75oz. per container).

Suggested usage: For dietary supplementation only
- 8 drops in 4 to 8 ounces of water twice daily.

Liquid Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Concentration: 32,000ppm

Supplement Facts for Stabilized Liquid Oxygen

Serving Size: 8 Drops
Servings per container: 225
Amount per servingAmount%DV
Total Fat0 g0%
Sodium21 mg2%
†Daily value not established

Additional Information

Manufacturer: WaterOz
UPC #: 713694000125
Product Type: Liquid
Volume: 4 oz.
Flavor: Unflavored
How Many Drops?: 4 fl. oz. = 1,800 Drops
How Many Teaspoons?: 4 fl. oz. = 24 teaspoons
How Many Tablespoons?: 4 fl. oz. = 8 Tablespoons

WaterOz is the original, premier manufacturer of dissolved ionic mineral water making essential minerals and trace minerals into liquid mineral dietary supplements.

1733 Stiles Road
Grangeville, ID 83530

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Customer Reviews

bottle top needs fixing Review by Paul - 4/16/13
"Wasted nearly 1/2 of a 2nd bottle when squeezing the bottle the top comes off, losing its contents..... a little messy, a little more costly!!"
Excellent Review by Paul - 4/10/13
"I would buy this from a friend, but it is no longer available through her contact. I am pleased to have found it with your company. The product energizes me in the morning and helps throughout the day. I am pleased with its use. Shipping was earlier than expected !! Thank you. "
Stabilized Oxygen Review by David - 4/2/12
"So thankful for this product that not only oxygenates the blood but is also clearing the body of disease residues. A wonderful product.

David L"
"I have a new found new hope with this product. It is the best, I've used for herpes and I've tried many. My husband is even going to take this seeing my results. I have only used this for two weeks and the change is incredible. We also smoke unfortunately and this helps."

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