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Energy Innovations Positive Energy Fridge Freshener

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Quick Overview

Food Preservation Energy Cube
Energy Innovations
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EIP Purple Plates Positive Energy Fridge Freshener

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  • EIP Purple Plates Positive Energy Fridge Freshener
  • EIP Purple Plates Positive Energy Fridge Freshener with Food

Product Description

One of the most popular products you can find in the positive energy section is the EIP Fridge Freshener. It was designed to prolong the shelf life of food stored in the home refrigerator. Reduce food poisoning and food spoil using this basic principle of energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables receive life giving energy while on the branches and vines on which they grow. Once picked, these foods are severed from this life force and immediately begin to oxidize and decompose. By placing this energy cube inside your refrigerator, your food will last two to four times longer than normal. This is based on the ability of the fridge freshener to harness some of the life sustaining force once supplied by the plant on which the food was grown.

Amazingly, the Canadian government tested this device over 20 years ago, and found that the fridge freshener has the innate ability to reduce the internal temperature of the refrigerator in which the energy cube was used. This resulted in a savings of $4.00 per month in electrical consumption during its time of use. That was over 20 years ago. Imagine the reduction in cost today. This device will pay for itself at today's savings less than a year. Most thermostats in the refrigerator must be set to a lower number to prevent freezing of food!

Not only does this unit reduce electric bills, it also deodorizes.

The way the unit works is quite simple. The atomic structure of the decomposed granite used in the cube has been altered using a proprietary process. This process brings the product into resonance with the basic free energy of the universe. Acting like an antenna transceiver to the life giving force of the universe, the energy cube then radiates an energy field around itself that penetrates any material in its vicinity. The contents of the refrigerator then receive this life-giving force in similar fashion as when "growing on the vine."

This is a cube-shaped unit 5"x2 " square and weighs under two pounds. Place on the center shelf of your refrigerator and let it go to work. Food will remain fresh for two to four times longer than normal except for meat and fish. It also removes odors. It lowers energy costs by lowering the temperature inside the refrigerator, inducing the need to turn up the thermostat. Just like the Original EIP Purple Plates, the energy of the Fridge Freshener is inexhaustible.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Energy Innovations
UPC # 860581000369
Product Type Energy Tools
Dimensions 5" x 2" x 2" (H x W x D)
Country of Manufacture United States

EIP's Background

"The HUNZA people have lived for centuries in a very remote area high up in the Himalayan Mountains cut off completely from the modern world. No electrical power or modern machinery is available. The Hunza people number several hundred thousand and have survived for over 500 years. Many people live to an age of 150 years, and it is not uncommon for some to live to 200 years of age. These amazing people are vegetarians except for fish. Each person farms their own land, which is donated by the government at time of birth. Their life is difficult because the conditions they live under are harsh. The altitude is high, the temperature is cold and they are not allowed to hire servants or help in tilling their land which is fertile and free from sprays and chemicals. The water used for irrigation on their agriculture crops flows down from the mountains and is crystal clear. The water they drink is cloudy, living, energized water that has been altered by nature and now contains all of the minerals required for good health and long life." Ralph Bergstresser.

Healing Powers of the Ganges River

"For thousands of years the native population of India have used the water from the Ganges River for healing. Gallon jugs of this water from the Ganges have been stored for over half a century at the University of Calcutta, and are still completely free of bacteria. "What causes the Ganges River Water in India to have such fantastic healing powers?" Although this has been one of the great mysteries of nature, the secret of this miracle water is now known.

"A tributary of water, that eventually finds its way into the Ganges River, originates and begins its long journey from high in the Himalayan Mountains. It is there, high in the mountains where the atmosphere is clear and clean, that nature begins the natural process of creating a special water. This process starts when the mountain and its snow cover is bombarded by the higher energies of the Universe: known as cosmic energy. This bombardment by cosmic 4th dimensional energy alters the atomic and molecular structure of the rocks and granite that constitute these magnificent mountains, and in turn, changes the chemistry of the snow and water as it flows over them and down to the lowlands. This chemistry change is adding the Life Force Energy to the water. It is the Life Force Energy, which has now become an intricate part of the water, that produces the healing miracles of the Ganges River." Ralph Bergstresser.

The Key is Known

"The key to this phenomenon is now known and is utilized to produce the products of Energy Innovation Products.

"How do these units work. The atomic structure ... of our products has been altered. This process (proprietary) brings these products into resonance or harmony with the basic energy (free energy) of the universe. These devices are like transceivers (receivers and transmitters). They create a field of life force energy around themselves that will penetrate any material substance ... by osmosis. The size of the mass of the altered material will vary with each product and application....

"The most important energy in our life ... is our own vital energy. The atomic structure of our products has been altered so that they are in harmony, in tune, or in resonance with the life force vibration. The products create a field of energy around themselves and by 'osmosis', this energy will penetrate any living thing including an individual, plant or animal. With radionic equipment, the life force energy may be measured on an individual. For example, on a scale of say from 0 to 100, the energy reading of a person might be twenty to twenty-five. When the person is handed an energy plate, the reading will instantly increase up to ninety or ninety-five on the scale. This is an indirect method of proving the product. The frequency of this 'life force energy' can not be measured directly by any known device.

"Many years of research and study were required to bring about these products. A curious mind is required for scientific progress outside of the conventional realms. This all started in India over forty years ago when I was guest of a maharaja. He had an eight month old son that was very sick. I asked if he was going to get a doctor. He said 'no, we have sent a man to obtain some holy water from the Ganges River.' In three days, the man came with one gallon of water. They fed the water to the sick child ... and like magic, the child was healed and back to normal. To me, a miracle is the inability to understand a scientific fact. How could the water cure the child? That was the problem. It was this incident that triggered my curious mind to find the answer and this led me into the present knowledge. My conclusions after many years of research. God is Energy. God is Love, Positive Energy is Love. The 'Life Force Energy' is God." Ralph Bergstresser.


Ralph's experience with the maharaja's son led him to: "... a conversation with the famous scientist, Dr. Nikola Tesla, in 1942. Tesla said, 'If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' I spent the last 50 years doing just that, and my products are a direct result of this investigation." Ralph Bergstresser.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome! Review by
"Very happy with this product!"
Much thanks to natures alternatives Review by
"I bought a fridge freshener from a copycat seller, didnt know this at time found out later and once i got real ONE here this is what I noticed.
both units where in a rectangular plastic box the true fridge freshener had granite in the resin matrix and it looked whitish with barker flecks. the copycat unit had the same box but had what looks like greenish white glassy chips in it nothing like real unit. I noticed after two days the fridge was colder like the instructions said, this never seemed to happen with the copycat unit. I am so happy i now have the real EIP FRIDGE FRESHENER. "
Works as advertised Review by
"It does seem to lower fridge temperature."

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Hi, should I remove the transparent plastic or the cap or leave all the cover in place?
Can the fridge freshener also be used like purple plate for healing? I think I saw some where where the freshener has about the same energy as a large plate. I thought it could be placed, for instance on a night stand next to the bed or on a car console.

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