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Seychelle Environmental Technologies Fliptop Portable Water Filter Bottle 28oz.

Regular Price: $27.95

Nature's Price $17.95

Priced From: $27.95 Nature's Price: $17.95

Quick Overview

Same as Alex Jones InfoWars 28oz Alexapure Filtered Water Bottle by Clearly Filtered
Standard and Iodinated Filters
Seychelle Environmental Technologies
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Fliptop Portable Water Filter Bottle 28oz.

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Product Description

Seychelle Portable Standard Filter Water Bottle 28oz. is the most effective and economical portable water filter bottle available. It is portable and affordable. The Personal Water Filter is designed to clean 100 gallons of water. The filter will eliminate odors and bad taste in addition to reducing chlorine and particulate matter. The filter is unique in its ability to reduce a wide range of contaminants that are known to cause serious health concerns.

Also seen on the Alex Jones InfoWars website as the 28oz Athlete Edition Filtered Water Bottle

"I started using the Fliptop Portable Water Filter Bottle and I'm hooked on it. It is so easy and convenient to use and your water tastes great. My 17 month old son can drink out of the straw easily and loves it too! Thank you so much!!"
Lisa in Arkansas

The filter is an Ionic Adsorption microfilter capable of up to 2 micron filtration. That means that organisms such as Giardia and Crytosporidium. are effectively filtered from your water supply. The water filtration bottles have been uniquely engineered to retain helpful minerals such as calcium and magnesium while removing harmful inorganic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium. By meeting stringent FDA, NSF and ANSI standards and protocols, can assure the safest quality drinking water in the smallest most portable mode. Please click below to review these six (6) categories of potentially harmful substances reduced by the exceptional filter system:

Test Results PDF File (47kb)

Test Results Word document (89kb)

After reviewing thoe list of data, do you still find yourself concerned about the presence of virus. Unless you are using this device in the wild you are very unlikely to encounter virus in municipal drinking water supply because of the extent of chemicals and treatment of such water. Even in nature the presence of virus in water supplies is quite limited because of the nature of viruses. Viruses typically need a host in which they can survive and replicate. For your concerns, though, the use of the Colloidal Silver Generator offered at Nature'sAlternatives.com is highly recommended. Colloidal Silver is nature's original antibiotic.

is also very cost effective. If purchased by one of the major bottled water delivery services, bottled quality water provided by one filter could cost as much as $673 when purchased individually. How often are you away from home wishing you had good tasting water but the tap is the only water available? You have the ability to prevent this from happening again. So why not try a Personal Water Filter Bottle today and enjoy the clean water you deserve at a price you deserve.

We also feature filtered water alkaline ionizers Melody Jupiter alkaline water machine

Additional Information

Manufacturer Seychelle Environmental Technologies
Product Type Water Filters
Warranty 90-Day Warranty
Volume 28 oz.
Color Natural
Dimensions 9.75" H x 2.5" Diameter Base x 3" Diameter Middle
Country of Manufacture
Filter Cartridge Life 100 Gallons

Seychelle Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a prominent company in the fast-growing water filtration industry. Seychelle markets a complete line of top-quality portable water filtration products and brands in North America and world wide. This portfolio of unique and proprietary products will enable our customers and Joint Venture partners to meet the needs of their consumers for new, economical, and innovative water filtration products and systems to provide safe and clean water throughout the world.

Seychelle Environmental Technologies, Inc.
32963 Calle Perfecto
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Tel. +1 (949) 234-1999
Fax +1 (949) 234-1998

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Customer Reviews

Great Product Review by
"This is a great product at a great price , thank you so much for making this product so valuable and reachable .. You have a great service , It just arrived just on time"
Best on the Market Review by
"I have purchased two bottles first for my trip to latin America and we have been drinking the water only from these bottles and nobody get sick. We ve been drinking the water in amazonia, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia, Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Japan, Hong Kong... The taste of the water is overall good. With the advanced water filter if the water is long time in the bootle you taste a little bit a metalic taste but nothing to worry about. I could not find a better product on the market for a similar price.

The water bottles with the filter are very durable and the materials used are good. Sometimes the valve on the bottle leaks out the water ,but again it is so little that it is no big deal.

Now we have 5 of these bottles in the family. One think to know. Sometimes the bottle is defected by the manufacturing process but Natures Alternatives does everything to fix it and replace you the defected part. I already have 5 bottles with advanced filter and one with the regular filter. And I would definitely buy them again.

For those considering to buy the regular filter, this filter is shorter and it is impossible to drink all the capacity of the bottle with this filter. Every time you will be left with about 150cc of water left in the bottle unable to suck with the regular filter. So I recommend to get the advanced filter which ends on the bottom of the bottle so you can use all the capacity of the bottle.

The claim that the filter remove the chlorine taste is correct."
Update to my experience with Seychelle Review by
"As I said before, when I started drinking using Seychelle I weighed 273 lbs. Monday I went to the Dr. and to my surprise my weight is now 172 lbs., and I give credit to the Seychelle water filtration bottle...prophesy is being fulfilled so fast we never know where we will have to get our water from. I encourage each and everyone to have bottles on hand for each member of their family. To me it's a better investment than Gold. God bless you all, and just pray about it if you should have security for your families. I now own 10. LOL"
Outstanding. Nothing Like It. Review by
"Since writing my first review I think I weighed 273 lbs. The last time I weighed, I weighed 186 lbs. Praise be to God!!! I don't drink any water unless I drink it thru a Seychelle water filtration bottle. I highly recommend the Seychelle water filtration products. The thing I like about the Radiation bottle, it has a back flush option. I highly recommend all Seychelle products."
Highly Recommended Review by
"I bought my first bottle after seeing it on the Jim Bakker Show. However I bought mine thru this website and at the time I bought it I weighed 263. When I first started using it I noticed my energy level increased and my appetite decreased in 2 months. I had lost 30 lbs. Today I weigh 222 lbs. I highly recommend this product. Even if u don't use it u can have it on hand and ignore those boil orders and if the public water supply gets contaminated you are prepared."
outstanding product Review by
"After drinking thru the filtration system desgin for 1 month I had misplaced the bottle and had to drink out of the faucet at which time as soon as i got the faucet water in my mouth I had to spit it up. I am very satisfied with this product and highly reccomend it to all, adults, children, and all. I am a firm beliver after drinking thru the seychelle bottle that the water provided by local and county governments something is seriously wrong. Buy this product u will not be disappointed."

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Dear Mr Palmer,,,
Arnold's brother?
Can I ask please ,,is that container plastic ,,the sports water filter .
Or is it stainless steal...?
Thx Jackie
Does it comes with a filter or is it sold seperately?

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