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A Different Way To Get Your H2

Product Description - AlkaViva ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator

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Introducing the ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator

Most naturally occurring sources of H2 rich water also offer the added benefit of being alkaline and ionized. Water ionizers are the most documented and proven way to add the benefits of alkaline, ionized, H2 rich water to your life. However, an alternative technology has emerged that offers a different way to get H2 rich water.

This new breed of H2 generator makes and dissolves H2 in a water cell similar to a water ionizer. The significant difference is in the membrane. This new technology employs special Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM) versus the ion-exchange membranes used in water ionizers.

This may sound new, but this type of membrane has been around for some time. It's been used widely by automotive innovators with the intent of using hydrogen to create electricity. Hydrogen generators, like the ioponia H2, work in reverse…using electricity to make hydrogen. Technical terms aside, pretty simple.

There are differences. For example, the new technology does not rely on the variable level of alkaline minerals in tap water to create H2. Another difference is that the new generators create H2 without increasing pH. This means the device creates H2, but without creating alkalilne water.

The ioponia H2 employs a dual filtration system consisting of a carbon block filter and a 0.01 micron hollow membrane filter. This filtration system will achieve a good reduction of chlorine and other contaminants that carbon typically targets, a good reduction of microorganisms (.01M), but a limited contaminant reduction outside of that.

As an option, you can purchase the ioponia H2 Ultra, which includes and external UltraWater Filter for the ultimate in filtration. The ioponia H2 will consistently produce up to 1.2 ppm H2

Here is how it works:

First step: Clean the water

The ionpia H2 offers you the peace of mind that comes from the safety of dual or triple filtration. First, your water is filtered by a high quality carbon block reducing chlorine and other contaminants. Then your water is filtered by a .01 micron (absolute) hollow membrane technology trapping microorganisms such as bacteria or cysts. The third optional stage in the ionpia H2 Ultra is our proprietary UltraWater filter, proven to remove virtually all contaminants in EPA certified lab testing up to 99.9%.

Second step: Infuse with Molecular Hydrogen

Four Great Technologies - for Great H2.

ionpia H2 Water Purifier

1st Stage:
The ionpia Purifier supplies virtually calcium-free water to the electrolysis process. It is important because hard water is the enemy of producing high levels of H2. Minerals caught in the H2 Purifier are mixed back with filtered water in the last stage.

ionpia H2 Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte

2nd and 3rd Stage:
The ionpia H2 Generator contains a highly evolved Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte. This powerful combination allows the unit to produce regardless of whether you have minerals or not in your source water.

4th Stage:
The ionpia Infuserionpia H2 Water Infuser is a unique technology which infuses the highly concentrated H2 back into the filtered water allowing you to drink H2 rich water that is pH neutral.

ionpia H2 Is Easy To Use

Unlike some other machines that produce hydrogen water only after making you wait while they process, the ionpia H2 is on-demand ready to produce as much H2 - rich ionpia Water as you want, whenever you want. Just push the button and ionpia H2 will make your H2 water instantly and at a flow rate of 1.1 liters per minute.

ionpia H2 Works With Any Source Water

The ionpia H2 consistently produces high concentrations - up to and in excess of 1.2ppm of H2 - regardless of whether you have hard or soft source water.

Peace of Mind

Buy with the confidence that comes with your purchase being backed by AlkaViva, the 14 year-old company who has led the US market for clean and healthy drinking water.

ionpia H2 Water Generator Certifications

Why Drink ionpia H2 Water?

5 Ways To Better Health

Over 500 peer-reviewed studies show that molecular hydrogen – or H2 – has a therapeutic benefit in every organ of the human body. Hydrogen positively affects over 150 health conditions / disease models.

Ultimate Antioxidant Power

Free radicals cause cell damage by oxidation. Antioxidants prevent or slow oxidative stress. The H2 in UltraWater selectively targets the most damaging oxygen radicals.

Go Longer. Go Stronger.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the source of your energy that powers your cells. Research shows H2 increases ATP giving you more energy and also helps decrease lactic acid levels. H2 water improves performance and recovery.

Reduce Your Inflammation

Hydroxyl radicals are toxic to your cells, causing pain and inflammation. The H2 in UltraWater neutralizes them, easing your aches and pain.

H2 Improves Your Hydration

When H2 neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, it creates water (H2O) – increasing your cellular hydration. Great tasting Hydra H2 Water is easy to drink.

Technical Specifications:

Rate Input Voltage: AC 95~240V

Output Power: 12V /5A /60W

Power Supply: Next Generation SMPS

Dimensions: 5.12” x 13.4” x 13.8” (WxHxD)

Weight: 9.9 lbs (12.75 Shipped Weight)

Water Pressure Range: 15~90 psi

H2 Generation Method: Hydrogen Cell with Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane

Generating Capacity:
Standard 1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)

Number of Filters: Standard - dual filter with Optional third filter

Filter Composition:  Carbon block / .01m hollow membrane / Optional external UltraWater

Filter Life:  1,000 gallons or 8-12 months depending on source water and usage

Operation: One Touch

Display: Operation Indicator Lamp

Water Ionizer? H2 Generator? You Decide.

Buying an ionizer is a substantial investment that will change your life. Unfortunately for many it has been a tough process. So many choices. So much conflicting information and too much hype.

Add a new technology and another option for you to consider: the hydrogen generator. Sadly, there is already misinformation and misleading hype surrounding these new machines, making your already challenging choice even more difficult.

Since AtkaViva now directly imports and offers both water ionizers and H 2generators, we are in a position to compare both technologies objectively. This article will help clarify the benefits of both, dispel some of the emerging hype and misinformation and help make your decision making process easier.

H2 Generators

H2 generators make and dissolve molecular hydrogen (H 2) in a water cell - just like a water ionizer. The difference is in the membrane. The new H2 technologies employ special Proton Exchange Membranes (or PEM) versus the ion-exchange membranes used in water ionizers. That is the technical part.

Proponents make it all sound very complex and new, but this type of membrane has been around for some time. It's been widely used by automotive innovators with the intent of using hydrogen to create electricity. The hydrogen generators work in reverse; using electricity to make hydrogen. Technical terms aside, pretty simple.

One difference with the new technology is that it does not rely on the variable level of alkaline minerals in tap water to create H2. Another difference is that the new generators create H2 without raising pH; meaning the device creates H2, but without creating alkaline water. Unfortunately, some who are marketing this new technology are overhyping the very real benefits by being hypercritical of the time-tested electric water ionizer that brought us here in the first place! Are H2 generators really "vastly superior" to a water ionizer? All water ionizers? We don't think so.

While our ionpia H2 hydrogen generator consistently produces high concentrations of molecular hydrogen (H 2) across a variety of types of source water, there are several areas in which a traditional water ionizer - especially AtkaViva's breakthrough H2 Series - can perform as well. Plus water ionizers also offer you other significant benefits in addition to simply creating H2 water.

It Has To Be Clean

The growing contamination of tap water is no new story. AtkaViva has spent years perfecting its proprietary, USA-made, UltraWater filtration technology. The UltraWater filter reduces most tap water contaminants to 99.9%, including the most difficult to remove and is documented with independent EPA-certified lab test results.

The better H2 generators, including our ionpia H2, employ a dual filtration system consisting of a carbon block filter and a .01 micron hollow membrane filter. This filtration system will achieve a good reduction of chlorine and other contaminants carbon typically targets, a good reduction of microorganisms (.01m), but a limited contaminant reduction outside of that.

You can get the ionpia H2 with UltraWater filtration externally, as an option, meaning you can get the cleanest H2 rich water. Other sources of the new H2 technology have no solution for this important aspect of health and safety.

One interesting benefit of an ionizer is that, during the ionization process, the levels of fluoride ions and chemical compounds such as nitrates, phosphates and cyanide are re- duced as they get attracted towards the acid water side. AlkaViva offers test results from the University of Nevada at Reno documenting this benefit.

To Scale or Not To Scale?

A valid criticism of certain water ionizers is that in hard water areas the electrodes can build up with mineral scale, which quickly reduces H2 performance to near zero. This is especially true of older ionizer technologies that infrequently clean the plates by reversing the polarity. Or, they require the user to manually clean the unit with citric acid on a regular basis. AlkaViva introduced the patented DARC cleaning technology in 2006. It cleans by reversing the polarity with every use. Over the years it has been repeatedly validated that our ionizers do NOT accumulate scale in the electrolysis chamber. Equally as important we have pioneered a range of proven technologies that prevent scale accumulation pre- and post-electrolysis chamber, even in the hardest water. Marketers of the new H2- generators claim that their units never develop any mineral scale because the nano-filtration membrane (after the dual filters) removes the scaling minerals. We believe the nano-membrane is effective. They describe a confusing process of removing the scaling minerals, then returning them to the water stream later in the process. Based on our history and expertise we question how the "mineral return concept" will function over years. You can still expect scaling in parts of the unit before the nano-membrane and after it. Therefore, we will still recommend hard water treatment to protect your ionpia H2. Simply put if you regularly use hard water with any appliance you will get scale buildup over time. You want to protect against that.

How Much H2 Do You Do?

The vast majority of research done on alkaline, ionized water over the past 30+ years has been conducted with water produced by an electric ionizer. Millions of people over the last 35-40 years, who drank ionized water, have reported a variety of positive health benefits, and researchers have documented many of these. Proven benefits have also resulted in water ionizers being classified as medical devices in both Japan and Korea.

We now understand that most ionizers produce H2, which is dissolved in varying amounts into the alkaline drinking water. Since the first paper was published in 2007, many researchers are now convinced that H2 is likely the primary reason for the health benefits of the alkaline ionized water.

Some research suggests that higher levels of dissolved H2 offer more therapeutic benefit in certain disease models. Water ionizers vary greatly in the concentration of dissolved H2. Some produce negligible amounts (0.1 - 0.2 ppm) while others - like the H2 Series - produce up to saturation levels at 1.2 ppm. We'd like to point out that even a modest electric ionizer produces significantly more dissolved H2 than what is found in the documented natural healing springs often referred to online!

In water ionizers, higher amounts of H2 are typically created along with higher pH water, which some people find not palatable. If that is you, add lemon juice! The Vesta H2 is the only ionizer on the market that delivers the best of both worlds: a great level of H2 even at a lower, better tasting pH.

We love that H2 generators do a great job (at least initially) in producing great levels of H2. But they are new. They do not have a 35-year history of consumer use. Plus there is no direct comparison by researchers to see if the effects of H2 delivered in neutral pH water is the same overall as electrically ionized water.

Alkaline or Neutral?

H2 generators cannot alter the pH of the water. Water ionizers can selectively raise or lower the pH to create multiple levels of alteration including:

  • An increase in pH that results from the increase of OH- [hydroxide ion] when H2 is produced;
  • Potentially improved bioavailability of naturally occurring alkaline minerals; and
  • Possible changes in the molecular structure of the water.

In some circles the notion of structured water is now deemed pseudo-science by those who once preached it. The naysayers rely on the interpretation of one authority on H2 water who slams the door on the possibility that research has not definitely proved or disproved this claim to a final and unanimous consensus. Regarding this, we prefer to allow that in the evolution of all science, more can and will be revealed. For example, five years ago Dr. Gerald Pollack's exclusion zone in water was far out and not definitively proven. It is now fact. We think the jury isn't fully in yet on structure.

Published research on alkaline mineral water and pH balance in humans has been intriguing and supports research yet to be done on how the alkaline pH of ionized water may have similar effects. The benefits of the OH- hydroxyl ion for alkalizing the body has not been fully determined because the right research questions have not yet been asked. Regardless, millions of people credit drinking alkaline, ionized water for improving a wide variety of health conditions, providing more energy, clarity and endurance, helping balance the body pH and improving overall wellbeing. Placebo? The credits are too broad, too consistent and exist over too long a time period, so we think not.

Different Waters, Many Uses

Water ionizers do more than produce H2 infused drinking water - they create different "functional" waters. They produce acidic as well as alkaline waters. Many consumers use strong acidic or strong alkaline ionized water exclusively for cleaning or disinfecting their household, saving hundreds of dollars annually and lowering their chemical use. You Deserve Peace Of Mind

H2 generators are new. So are the companies selling them. Until now. Only AlkaViva offers you the certainty of a 13-year track record of selling and servicing the highest performing, most cutting edge ionizers with a 35-year history behind them. And now we also offer the ionpia H2 as a premium new H2 generator. Both choices offer you the certainty and safety of UltraWater filtration.

Only AlkaViva recommends and can provide, proven and tested water quality and pre-treatment solutions. These points can't be overstated. Sadly, our industry is littered with online businesses who said theirs was the best offered nothing more than carbon filters and then evaporated leaving customers with nowhere to turn for filters or service.

Whether you choose the new ionpia H2, or one of our H2 Series ionizers you can get great tasting, contaminant-free UltraWater, a great level of H2 and the peace of mind knowing exactly who you are dealing with. Either choice will deliver.

Additional Information

Manufacturer AlkaViva
Product Type Water Filters
Appliance Condition New
Appliance Voltage 110V
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions 5.12” x 13.4” x 13.8” (WxHxD)
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Filter Cartridge Life 1,000 Gallons


The Emco Tech / IonWays story is built on a mission. It is Emco Tech's story of ceaseless Research and Development to create the world's most powerful and reliable ionizers. It is the story of IonWays distribution system based on the unsurpassed power of word-of-mouth referral sales. It is a story forged by a strong partnership with a shared mission to bring this amazing technology to the world and improve the health of humankind.

Once simply known as "Jupiter Science", Emco Tech is now much more than the Jupiter brand name. EmcoTech's pride is its world class Research and Development engine that specializes in the development and manufacturing of cutting edge ionization technology. This Japanese facility employs 20 fulltime PhD level scientists. The Japanese R&D engine fuels Emco Tech's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which assembles the ionizers in Korea. It is this marriage of top level R&D and manufacturing that accounts for Emco Tech's number one position in the world market for water ionization.

IonWays brings to Emco Tech a distribution system that is based on the unrivaled power of word of mouth referral sales to "spread a message". The IonWays Global Pay Plan will provide the final chapter to the story as it delivers the Emco Tech products world-wide.

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1. How long does the h2 last in an open glass and what is the h2 saturation of the water over time?
2. Does this also create "cleaning" water (acid or ozone water) that i can use to kill bacteria and clean fruits/veggies? how strong is the acid water and how do i control the level of acidity?
3. What's the warranty?
4. What kind of maintenance do i need to have on the system?
5. How long should the h2 machine last (lifetime average life expectancy)?
6. What's the ongoing cost to maintain use of this product over time - replacement of filters/parts, etc.?

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