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Beware of Fake Tesla Purple Plates

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So many of you have asked if other sellers of the purple plates are selling the original purple plate created by Ralph Bergstresser. Our goal is to offer people the genuine product, especially when people are seeking the genuine purple plates. However, there are several copycats and others claiming to sell the original EIP products that are not the product manufactured by EIP in Arizona. The following list combines organizations listed below selling purple plates that are not manufactured by EIP in Arizona. These products are not issued, nor energized, by the manufacturer. This list is verified by the manufacturer. Nature's Alternatives simply wants you to be an educated consumer and know that we only offer authentic, official EIP Purple Plates.

  1. PurplePlates. com - According to the owner of EIP in Arizona, they stopped selling EIP products at wholesale to Purple Plates .com prior to January, 2014, claiming that PurplePlates now offers a copycat of their version. The owner of EIP also sued Purple Plates' owner in a Federal Trademark Proceeding for claiming trademark of and use of the EIP logo, under the grounds of "Priority and likelihood of confusion" through Opposition No. 91221428, in which the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE Trademark Trial and Appeal Board found in favor of EIP's owner. You can read the US Patent & Trademark federal case ruling at by selecting document #1 (BD DECISION: SUSTAINED). Through this ruling they revoked the trademark registered with the USPTO for the EIP logo filed by Purple Plates' owner.
    PurplePlates. com Named Copycat by EIP Arizona with EIP Logo
  2. eBay seller rockandrolletc - suspected as a front for or close association to PurplePlates. com being that both are from Longmeadow, MA.
    rockandrolletc Bogus Purple Plate Seller on eBay
  3. Adante Purpurplattan = Mirakelplattan = Energiplattan from Sweden selling copycat products directly from PurplePlates dot com including plates and bracelets. Beware that these are not original and authentic products produced by EIP in Arizona.
    Adante Purpurplattan = Mirakelplattan = Energiplattan Selling Fake Purple Plates in Sweden
  4. eBay seller laa1710-kg0rykn is selling products directly from PurplePlates. com including wallet size plates and pendants with added trinkets, while poaching images from our site. Beware that these are not original and authentic products produced by EIP in Arizona.
  5. eBay seller workshop1718 is selling copycat plates that are NOT original and authentic EIP products produced by EIP in Arizona.
  6. eBay seller japan-kamikaze is selling fraudulent products, NOT original and authentic EIP products produced by EIP in Arizona, evidenced by the unlicensed use of EIP's logo and the UPC bardoce 696736426575, which is not registered.
  7. Vedic Research and Innovations in India - Krishan Kant started copying the plates after his first purchase from Nature's Alternatives.
    Vedic Research Copycat Purple Plate Seller in India
  8. Swiss Tesla in Switzerland - multiple colors of copycat plates.
    Swiss Telsa Multi-Color Copycat Purple Plate Seller
  9. TeslaVital in Germany - multiple colors of copycat plates called Teslaplatten. Very similar to Swiss Tesla. Maybe the same?
    TeslaVital Copycat Multiple Color Tesla Plate Seller in Germany
  10. TeslaPurplePlate. com Gruppo Indivisible srl, also indivisible .com, and TeslinaPurpurnaPloca. rs Purpurna Svetlost, Jovan Vrtikapa in Serbia - also offering copycat purple plates.
    indivisible. com Gruppo Indivisible srl  Copycat Purple Plate Seller.
    TeslaPurplePlate. com Gruppo Indivisible srl and TeslinaPurpurnaPloca. rs Purpurna Svetlost, Jovan Vrtikapa in Serbia Copycat Purple Plate Seller
    TeslaPurplePlate. com Gruppo Indivisible srl and TeslinaPurpurnaPloca. rs Purpurna in Serbia Products
  11. Positive Produkte of Germany - Selling copycat purple plates, disks and angels. Angels and small disks seen in their photo were discontinued many years ago. It appears they may also have the EIP logo on their products, which would make them sellers of counterfeit purple plates. Since they claim to be importing these, they may be sourced from copycat #1.
    Positive Produkte Generalimporteur, Groß- und Einzelhändler von counterfeit
  12. Tubacran - Selling copycat purple plates using stolen images, copyright Nature's Alternatives, which claims to be manufacturer direct. EIP states this is a totally false claim. Further, EIP does not even offer their products at the dirt cheap Tubacran price. These are NOT MANUFACTURER DIRECT and not authentic from EIP.
    Tubacran fraudulent purple plate seller using stolen images.
  13. Anyone selling 1-inch diameter Disks and any size of Angels including the old sizes (1 3/8" x 1 3/8" and 2 1/8" x 2 1/8"). These were discontinued years ago by the manufacturer. No other sizes existed in the past. PurplePlates. com has crafted new small plates, 3½" x 2¼" and 2½" x 2½" angels. The angels have not existed for years now, and the manufacturer states no one purchased enough to still be selling the genuine article today.

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