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Product Description - KIVA Light Full Spectrum Color Balanced Negative Ion Light Bulb

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At this time, KIVA has chosen to stop making lights available through internet resources. We hope that this may someday change. If and when it does, we will make them available again.

KIVA® Lights are modified, balanced, full spectrum lights that have been proven by spectral radiometry to produce the most correct color ratio of light as measured against true daylight, than any other artificial light source. The KIVA lights are treated with a proprietary coating that gives off negative ions. Many of the benefits of this light have been documented for twenty years and include the following:

  • It acts as a negative ion generator, which means it cleanses the environment of physical pollutants and the influences of electromagnetic and chemical pollution (even around computers and machinery)
  • It structures water
  • It cleanses the body of electromagnetic, environmental and chemical pollutants at the rate of one year's accumulation in the body for each month of light process use
  • It decalcifies and properly activates the pineal gland, thereby normalizing its melatonin production, sleep patterns, and seratonin levels
  • It converts cholesterol into natural vitamin D-3, thereby increasing calcium uptake, and also reducing serum cholesterol
  • It helps to reduce allergy reactions
  • It improves the metabolism of nutrients and their assimilation
  • It activates the immune system
  • It creates an alpha brainwave state, which relaxes the body, increases strength and flexibility, reduces cortisol levels, and speeds recovery from exercise
  • It alleviates SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), depressions, irrirtability, mood swings, and mental fatigue
  • It normalizes pituitary functioning, which stabilizes endocrine hormones, even PMS
  • It provides a naturally sustained energy level
  • Its light is nuturing and easy on the eyes and body

Based on its cleansing of environmental, chemical and electromagnetic toxins and the positive effect it has had on the energy levels of people who have used the lights over a period of time, it is believed that these light will increase the secretion and utilization of growth hormone at the receptor site.

The following information is a collaboration of many sources, including creator Orie Bachechi and Norman Mikesell, M.S.:

Sophisticated laboratory testing has been completed comparing natural sunlight to 20 of the most popular or common lightbulbs in use, as well as those claiming to be "full spectrum". The results of the spectrographic analysis have shown KIVA® lightbulbs to be the most nuturing, user-friendly, and bio-helpful of all tested.

The term full spectrum is fast becoming a general term used to describe lighting with attributes akin to natural daylight, or sun-like lighting. The literal definition of full spectrum is "that which contains all the color of the spectrum" - which is white light. However, all white light is not created equal, as the proportion, or balance of each of the colors that constitute the white light may vary greatly in comparison to natural sunlight, the model. Scientists are beginning to understand that we must have good quality light to live healthily. Our new research has documented that the lights that we commonly live under are terribly ill-balanced. Because the light may claim to be "full spectrum" does not guarantee that its proportion of colors are properly activating our chemicals, enzymes and bodily processes. This is a crucial factor that literally changes how we think, act, feel, and age. Light is the single most impacting factor to us each and every moment we are alive!

KIVA® lights, however, have a ratio of color-balancing and other unique features that set them apart from all other artificial lighting:

  • rather than emulate the direct harsh light of the sun, they are more representative of the light under the shade of a green leafy tree in the summertime
  • they have the qualitites of being negative ion generators with attributes similar to being next to a wonderful waterfall in the mountains, or the feeling after a refreshing summer rain
  • their blanced color wavelengths make atomic changes in the structure of molecules, and are particularly effective at transforming free radicals and cleaning the air and environment of nearly all pollutants
  • the presence of balanced color wavelengths gives them unique properties of gentle detoxification and consistent and gradual clearing of the toxins and debris that accumulates in the tissues and cells since birth
  • they are particularly easy on the eyes and user-friendly and bio-compatible: cinfirmed "fluorescent-haters" love KIVA lights
  • their unique color balancing is de-stressing to humans and animals creating an alpha state and activating the parasympathetic system. Result? Enhanced immune system and increased wellness
  • most other artificial light sources are stress-producing and advance illness and aging by activating the sympathetic adrenalin system
  • their color balancing is particularly accurate for properly activating a malfunctioning pineal gland and the endocrine system. An improperly functioning pineal gland and endocrine system is a major contributing factor in longevity, anti-aging, SAD, PMS, osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other degenerative ailments.
  • their energy and light output are commonly described as comfortable, nuturing, even by self-proclaimed anti-fluorescent advocates
  • their exceptional color balance lifts spirits and attitudes and moods, and results in noticeable increases in productivity, and less sickness or absentee downtime
  • their unique color balance improves immune system response, allowing the body to naturally repair and heal itself, and build stamina and resistance to infection and illness
  • they have the unusual property of changing the molecular compositon of substances, so that food and grease are more easily cleaned from surfaces, and toxins within the tissues are gently released
  • their well-balanced color wavelengths correctly structure water which enables the availability of oxygen for absorption and utilization in the tissues; structured water as written about by Norman deLauder Mikesell is velvety smooth and facilitates the tight-winding of the DNA, which provides protection and proper functioning for regeneration and rejuvenation
  • their Alpha state energy opens receptor sites allowing for the correct absorption and utilization of calcium, oxygen, nutrients, and hormones in the body
  • significantly increased energy levels and stamina result from the special color balance allowing the mitochondria and the cells to function as designed
  • they produce a sterilization effect against virus (virii) and bacteria in the air and on surfaces
  • they are warranted for three years--the only lightbulb to do so

Negative Ions

Negative ions cause us to feel relaxed, wonderful and invigorated. They are created by cooler air, waterfalls, oceans, and by truly color-balanced lighting such as KIVA lights. Negative ions also help the brain and body to run smoothly. They actually help food to not stick so easily to cookware, toxins to un-stick from the cells, and the plaque in the arteries to gradually dissipate. They clean the air of odors and pollution.

What is the secret to KIVA lights?

It's their proportionate amounts of ultra violet and narrow tolerance glass the complete a balanced light spectrum and create small amounts of oxygen and negative ions.

What sizes are available?

KIVA lights are available in 18", 24", 36", and 48". However, there are two types of bulbs. The T-8 is the skinny bulb often found mounted underneath kitchen or office desk cabinets. The T-12 style is the standard bulb size often found in the ceiling of your office (tell your boss you want these in the office) or in your garage. There are also simple differences in the type of ballast or housing used. Please see the chart below for specifications for each bulb, the type of ballast required and the bulb wattage. Any hardware store should be able to confirm the availability of the ballast for the bulb you desire by phone. Ballast prices range from about $8-$20.

NOTE: T-12 36" and 48" bulbs have been discontinued. Industry is moving to T-8 bulbs.

Light Bulb Size:

Bulb Type:T-8T-8T-8T-12T-12T-12
Ballast Type:Magnetic TriggerElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronic

*Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. This is the time required by KIVA.

Additional Information

Manufacturer KIVA
Product Type Appliance
Appliance Condition New
Warranty 3-Year Warranty

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    I used Kiva LIghts in Northern California, and only wandered away from them when I moved to Europe for 5 years. Now I'm back, one of the first things my environment was clamouring for was the beautiful and life-enhancing, mood-altering ionized light that comes from the Kivas. I have them in my pantry and kitchen, leave them on a great deal so they continue to structure water and bring the life force out of foods and supplements, teas and herbal tinctures, Bach flower essences, and ME. As I now live in the Pacific Northwest, I see myself hanging out in the kitchen dreaming up cooking projects so my body and brain will feel the benefits of pure light through the dark winter months. The only thing missing is a fixture like I had before that was portable, that I could move from room to room with a 24" or 36" bulb, as I really liked being around this light & adding it to wherever I happened to be.

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    Kiva Light

    My mother was on her death bed once again. She was sent this light. When her diet and herbs could no longer help her, she felt lost. She didn't know what to do. Somehow she found out about this light. It healed her not completely, but she was able to resume a somewhat normal life. She wrote about her experience in her book, "Lady of Gray: The Nightmare Chemical Epidemic." God bless her soul. I love u mom. I'm glad i still have the light. "It works," is all i can say.

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I ordered 48 in T12 lamps that require electronic ballast types. However, they seem to work just fine with my magnetic trigger (well, I think they're magnetic trigger fixtures because it says magnet on the Shoplight box I bought from home depot). Do you think it would be a problem at all to the lights if I'm using magnetic triggers instead of electronic?(there doesn't seem to be any problems or flickering. I'm just concerned about whether I'm getting the most out of these lights or if I'm harming them at all)

Thank you very much,
want to order the kiva lightbulb 48 in .. what does the t-12 vs. t-8 stand for?

also can i just put into a socket .. do i have to buy a special ballace or whatever? help!

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