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More Colloidal Silver Testimonials

Hoxsey Red Clover Burdock Plus Blood Cleansing Herbal Formula.

  1. In June of 1999 I was diagnosed with pericarditis. The inflammation / infection around the heart recurred several times until I started taking colloidal silver.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart (literally) for providing the information on colloidal silver and for sending me the colloidal silver generator. It saved a lot of money besides the important fact of restoring my health.

    Again, thank you for your competent advice and help.

    Susanne Kircher, R.N.
  2. My mother had shingles for 23 years - was hospitalized several times. After I got a silver water generator she has not had a severe attack since and only gets symptoms when we forget to give her some silver water solution say every 2 or 3 weeks. Now I have her take some every Saturday - scheduled.

    Joseph Cumberland
  3. I was totally satisfied with my purchase. The product arrived in a few days and so far the colloidal silver generator has worked out great for me. As soon as I tried the silver colloid, I no longer had to take any prescription drugs for my sinus and nasal congestion and my sinus infection was gone without antibiotics. I was finally able to sleep eight hours a day which I could not do before because one of the side effects of the drug I was taking was sleeplessness. Thank you for your help.

    Jason Orr
  4. My cat had a sore on her head for a couple of weeks that wouldn't heal and she had a sore where she was de-clawed 7 years ago that she kept licking and NEVER healed. Both were healed with just a few applications of MY Colloidal Silver. I'm SO pleased!

    Go with God,
    Marilyn Adams
  5. From Clinton,

    Thank you for your super-fast delivery of the product!! I was surprised at how fast the order arrived. Thanks for all your help and I certainly will be ordering from you in the future!

    Here's my testimonial about colloidal silver...

    Recently, while in the Dominican Republic, I received a few mosquito bites at night while sleeping and was not able to sleep thereafter because of the itching. After tossing and turning for awhile I decided to use colloidal silver on the red bumps that were now developing. Well, I would be lying if I told you that the itching stopped any time longer than instantly!! Right away I was able to go back to bed and fall asleep. Since I live on a tropical island myself, I know that mosquito bumps usually take a few days and sometimes as long as a week to go away but much to my surprise the very next morning there was no trace of any mosquito bites.

    Colloidal silver is nothing short of a miracle mineral and now thanks to your colloidal silver generator I can make my own and save the $24 US per tiny bottle it costs in Bermuda.

    Clinton Gilbert
  6. VERY happy with my generator. Amazing how easy it is to use; amazing how much one can save by making their own. Thanks!

    Debra Milton
  7. I make some colloidal silver as soon as I got your generator and started drinking it, also spraying it on my face and hands to eliminate brown spots and blood blisters. The flue is hitting hard here, but I don't have it. I also wear an ionizer when venturing outside, since I live in the French Quarter where you pick up germs from all over the world! Now I'm making some to give to my flue stricken friends. I also put just a teaspoon into the salt water that I irrigate my nose with. I'm asthmatic, maintained on inhaled steroids. I feel GREAT. To the point that I'm slowly decreasing my medicine dosage with no adverse effect. The net is changing my life. Keep up the good work, and THANKS!

    Kaye Rochelle
  8. Just wanted to give you some feedback. Started taking the C/S on Saturday afternoon and I have been feeling incredible. I had been very run down and lethargic for sometime, sleeping later in the morning and going to bed earlier at night but since Saturday it's another world. Been getting up at 5:30-6AM and not going to bed until 11-11:30pm. Energy level is terrific. I feel incredible. Thanks for all your help and feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone wanting a testimonial.

    John White
  9. I am really pleased with the colloidal silver and with your usual prompt service.

    Thanks ....
    Ahavah Brooks
  10. I enjoy the promptness of your company. And I make a LOT of Colloidal Silver with your products... I believe this has helped to completely REVERSE my ANA tests at the doctor's office... NO AUTO IMMUNE ACTIVITY after using approximately eight ounces a day for several months. THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!

    William Bassett
  11. I have no complaints about my shopping with Nature' I find that when I order something, you get right on it and get it to me. I've been taking the silver water and my sinuses have pretty well been staying cleared up. I was having a lot of problems with them but not any more. Thank you very much for the generator and silver sticks. Keep up the good for everyone that is interested. I'm spreading the word to everyone I know and work with.

    Frances Baldwin
  12. Hi!

    Spoke with you about 6 months ago and am finally getting a moment to jot down
    my experience with colloidal silver.

    It is Amazing Stuff!

    I am involved with cat rescue, often working with feral cats, and it is not unusual for me to be bitten or scratched. I had received a nasty bite from a little feral that I was taming to put up for adoption. Immediately I started drinking healthy amounts of colloidal silver and hoped the bite would not get infected. It did. The following day I had a red streak (beginning of blood poisoning) starting up my arm several inches long. I called my Dr. but could not get an appt to see him (no longer my Dr.) Coincidentally I had an apt with my vet that day and she freaked when she saw my bite and said that I should see someone immediately or surely I would wind up in the hospital with blood poisoning.

    I happened to have some antibiotics on hand at home but decided I would give the colloidal silver till that evening and if the streak wasn't better by then I would start a round of medicine. That evening the streak was almost gone.

    I continued with the silver and the healing of the wound was incredibly fast. This is amazing stuff. I started to tell a friend of mine in Florida that works with cats about my experience and he chimed in that he has used it for the same situation in the past with great results.

    How terrific not to rely on Dr.'s and antibiotics!

    Katie Davis
  13. My name is Patty, and I ordered the colloidal silver generator through Nana Belle, because I do not have a credit card (don't want one). I had tried her cs water when I had some infection once and it worked! I cannot take anti-bs. of any kind so I must rely on natural alternatives for symptoms. I very seldom get sick, and I think it is because I do use natural remedies. Any how, thank you for your generator, and I am also passing on the info to others that you are there to help and you are a reliable source of help. I have a busy lifestyle so I don't always take the time to do these type of testimonials.

    Patty Holman
  14. I would like to tell you that my daughter went tanning and got burned pretty bad. She started putting that colloidal silver water on her and the burn went away - I am a believer. Also, I'm feeling a lot better, and my sinus infection is clearing up. I believe it's due to the silver.

    Thanks again
    Frances Baldwin
  15. I am better than I have ever been. Between taking Barleygreen and CS daily, I am healed. I have had no Lyme disease symptoms in several months and don't expect any. I still drink about 4 oz. of CS daily. I make an 8 oz glass every other day and drink it as I feel like it. I am definitely a success story and am very grateful to you. Any time I can help, please ask.

    Go with God,
    Marilyn Adams
  16. I wrote you in the latter part of January this year to inquire about colliodal silver's effect on benificial fishtank bacteria and the parasite ich (icthyophthirius). Just thought I should let you know my findings. The CS does not seem to harm the benificial bacteria in the tank. I have no solid proof of this beyond there being no rise in ammonia levels in the tank after the application of CS. Though the CS did not appear to rid the tank of the ich, it did stave off the secondary infections that normally follow.

    Since using CS in my tanks I've been able to eliminate using any commercial antibiotics to treat my fish. The survival rate has also been 100% during that period of time..

  17. After one of my two German Shepherd puppies (6 months old) fell horribly ill and finding out that it was Parvo, I went on the internet to find a solution.

    I read about colloidal silver and promptly purchased a bottle for around $30.00. I started giving the silver to my dog Roxy. The other dog Jinx was already at the animal hospital on death's bed. After the third day, Roxy was very ill and I still continued to give her the colloidal silver. I thought she was going to die. She wouldn't eat, drink, or stand up. The next morning she was up and about and acted like nothing happened. I took the colloidal silver to the vet's and asked them to give it to Jinx. They wouldn't promise me they would, but Jinx recovered after 4 days of intensive care at the vets. He had to receive I.V.'s and all. I subsequently bought your generator and recommend it to everyone, for almost anything, and my family and I take it for everything. I am a true believer. I read that it was even used as a deodorant and sure enough it works.

    Cathy Jinks
  18. I wish to thank you for the express mail shipping on this first generator as I was going to run out of the supply I had purchased from my nutritionist. I took a flyer by searching on "colloidal silver" and accessed your website which is very easy to use and gave plenty of background info. I am very satisfied with the generator and just ordered 3 more for friends of mine...

    Ahava Brooks