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Learning Center for Positive Energy

It is a pleasure to bring you a variety of items that harness the positive vibrational energy offered by the Universe to bring you optimum health and wellness physically, mentally and spiritually here at Nature's Alternatives.

Everything in the Universe is energy and vibration. Each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different rates of vibration. Elements differ in vibrational through the mere change in components such as protons and electrons.

The Universe is permeated by a natural vibrational force that "breathes" life into the cells of all living plants, animals and human. Every thought consists of this vibrational energy and, man has been blessed with the ability to utilize this energy with the mind. One can consider this energy to be the basic force of the Universe...or God. God is everywhere in the Universe. God is everything, everywhere. The power of thought is then life force energy or God power, Prana, Chi, the Breath of Life...or the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of life is spiritual growth in learning how to utilize this higher vibrational energy. To attain a higher God ascend to a higher consciousness. By learning to harness this positive energy for a higher constructive good, man reaches a higher state of vibrational frequency...Love. Man however can misuse this energy through the projection of negative thoughts. These thoughts are also vibrational energy of a destructive, negative frequency thus depleting one's own life force. Man's problems are mere manifestations of his own negative energy. Illness begets negative energy and lack of a higher healing vibrational energy. Therefore, Man's purpose is to dispel these negative energies to raise higher consciousness and attain a higher vibrational frequency...Love.

The Positive Energy Purple Plates offered by Nature's Alternatives are designed to help Man raise the vibrational state of the move into Love. The atomic structure of the positive energy plate has been altered so that the plates are in resonance or in tune with the vibrational frequency of the Universe. The positive energy plate is a transceiver to the vibrations of the Universe creating an energy field around itself. Positive energy plates strongly attract the paramagnetic force of the Earth. This energy field permeates any substance in its vicinity. This energy is the life giving force for all plants, animals and humans...God force, Prana, Chi...Love.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that projecting "love" or positive energy onto plants will greatly affect their growth and wellness causing vigorous growth. When a child is injured, the mother will lay on healing hands of love that transfer a higher vibrational energy to the injury. This releases the negative vibrational state caused by the injury and begins the healing state through the raised vibrational state. The ability of the Positive Energy Plates to harness the healing energy of the Universe can raise the vibrational state of energy that has been altered by injury. Injury is merely a derivation of the usual positive energy state of the body. The plates can help to quickly return the body to its natural state of higher vibration.

The violet color of the plates represents the 7th Ray and the violet flame of St. Germane in the twilight hours before the Dawn of a New Age. Man is rising to a higher vibrational level of energy. A greater love is on the rise. May the positive energy of the Universe bless you and your life - use your energy well.

The Positive Energy Purple Plates are completely safe and in no way harmful. They can be worn or carried on your person without effect on other magnetic materials such as credit cards, audio/video cassettes. Some people use the plates to sleep on (under a pillow) while others cannot sleep due to their new-found state of energy. Plates have been in use for more than 25 years. No known "loss of energy" has been known to occur once the atomic structure of the plates has been altered.