EIP Tesla Positive Energy Purple Plate Large

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Energy International EIP Original Positive Energy Tesla Purple Plate Large (12" x 12")

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    I need time to see day to day, month to month to witness any result. I had this 12 x 12 on my lower back for a week, no pain has darkened a moment I feel relaxed.
    Natural Healing isn't instantaneous, to see the day and night results take weeks or months.
    I don't know what exactly to expect, the end result is on its way.
    My Wife slept longer and better, an attribute altering with age.
    We plan adding 2 more 12 x 12's. As soon as I win I'm using my winning to purchase another set.
    Wife sits on hers 12 hours a day same for me and my Plate.
    Price? WELL, $25.00 is better.
    thank you...

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